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Thursday August 27, 2015
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Woodruffs’ book ‘In An Instant’ has special meaning for her

Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 12:01 am

Editor's note: This week's Page Turner reader interview is with Anna Ross, managing director of Audiences Unlimited.

“Because of my new position, I am currently reading a lot about grant applications for nonprofit agencies. I'm reading an excellent book titled 'Nonprofit Lifecycles,' by Susan Kenny Stevens. It focuses on the importance of the organizational capacity. It dwells on the life cycles of different organizations.

“That includes the idea which leads to start up, then turns to growth and maturity. Perhaps decline for some is next, but for some it's turn-around time. Last is going out of business. Institutional health and competence are important in keeping the agency growing, not declining. This book is filled with good information.

“Because we have a 7-year-old son, I read a lot of children's books. One favorite is 'Old Turtle,' written by Douglas Wood. It's a fable written for children and adults — in fact, it's very appropriate for adults.

“It talks about the relationship with the earth and all of its inhabitants. It stresses the forces of good and people not arguing but just getting along. Old Turtle is very wise. This book is excellent. I think that about ten years ago it was given to every member of the House of Representatives.

“I am very much into murder mysteries — beach books. I enjoy Sara Paretsky, Kay Hooper, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell and their writing, books I don't have to put a lot of thought into. These are for when I just want to be entertained.

“One book that has special meaning and real significance for me is 'In An Instant.' It's by Lisa and Bob Woodruff. You remember that in 2006 he was in Iraq and was terribly wounded by a device that left him with a brain injury. This book reveals the family's journey back.

“It is very pertinent to me because, back when I was in college, I was plowed into by a drunk driver. I suffered from a brain fracture and concussion — not as bad as Bob Woodruff's, but sufficient. There were many frustrations: I had trouble with my speech and could not communicate.

“It took a long healing process. I had never heard of anyone sharing this experience before. This book touched me in many ways and I wished I had had it back then. Now there are support groups to help and other ways to assist. I have learned to be grateful for every day.”