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NFL Power Poll: Colts breathing down on Top 10

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Showdown between Bears and Texans on the horizon

Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 12:22 am

1. Falcons. Most overlooked 8-0 team in the history of the NFL's hyperbole machine.

2. 49ers. Top Five in about everything but passing yardage. Alex Smith can throw when necessary.

3. Da Bears. Are they ready to expose Texans as Super Bowl pretenders?

4. Texans. Huge, huge opportunity heading into Soldier Field on Sunday night.

5. Giants. Got a few favorable calls and still lost to the back-from-the-dead Steelers.

6. Broncos. That new guy (Peyton something?) looks like he's done this before.

7. Packers. Rodgers probably should have discount double-checked before doing that “60 Minutes” interview.

8. Patriots. Exactly how did the Patriots lose earlier to offensively challenged Cardinals and Seahawks?

9, Ravens. Still trying to regain some lost confidence and swagger.

10. Steelers. Going into New York and beating the Giants? That'll put a “contender” tag on your resume.

11. Colts. “ChuckStrong” momentum showing no signs of slowing.

12. Lions. Could the Lions finally be finding their lost groove?

13. Buccaneers. Winning with old-fashioned, bare-knuckled run defense. Go ahead, they dare you.

14. Dolphins. They were masters of third-down defense until some really “bad” Luck came along.

15. Seahawks. The Seahawks put up 30 points on offense last week. I kid you not.

16. Saints. I sense the tide of despair has turned into a “prove-them-wrong” motivational campaign.

17. Vikings. This season's continued relevance rides on home game against the Lions.

18. Redskins. A little too much hype for RG (3 wins)? Shanahan has it all under control.

19. Raiders. Carson Palmer quietly having a pretty decent season for a guy no one talks about anymore.

20. Eagles. They need to put in the backup quarterback. What's his name?

21. Jets. Mark Sanchez didn't get sacked once in last Sunday in the Jets' tie with Bye Week.

22. Bills. Wide receiver Steve Johnson has been targeted 70 times and has 35 receptions. Hmm.

23. Cowboys. They're 1-4 in last five, and not sure Carolina win counts for much.

24. Browns. Someday, maybe, this franchise will figure out its personality again.

25. Chargers. Can't imagine them having much offensive success playing at Tampa Bay.

26. Cardinals. Freefall temporarily put on hold thanks to that wonderful thing called a bye week.

27. Titans. You know things are bad when your owner can't even bear to watch a whole game.

28. Rams. They'll need more than 50 yards a game from Steven Jackson to regain footing.

29. Bengals. Facing the wounded (by Pittsburgh) Giants this week. Might not be pleasant.

30. Panthers. One-game winning streak ends when Peyton comes to town Sunday.

31. Jaguars. It's not too soon to think about that No.1 pick in next spring's draft.

32. Chiefs. They're thinking of calling in sick Monday night before the Steelers game.