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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 12:01 am


•James A. Hessler and Jean M. Babcock

•Taylor Dayne Luebke and Julia Anne McDonah

•Lawrence E. Romanowski and Rene L. Williard

•John D. Drummer and Katheryn C. Caudill

•Danner P. Partridge and Jasmine L. Booher

•Tyler Durbin Baker and Haley M. Nix

•Nathan A. Pharr and Jana J. Yearling

•Taylor William Carpenter and Michelle Renee Hutchens

•David M. McCarthy and Jennifer R. Agler

•Mark Michael Mettert and Kimberly Christine Bolen

•George Lee Martin and Pollyanna Gwendolyn Palmer

•Boris Jananin and Ivana Medalj

•Brian N. Schible and Sandra Lynne Grosjean

•Nathan Anouluck Phoumala and Karen Jazmin Vizcarra

•Albert Lee Hill and Kristal Ione Hirsch

•Christopher M. Vires and Brandi A. Turner

•Kirk S. Betz and Synee Sugatan

•Jason M. Rogers ad Amanda Ann Voirol

•Samuel C. Rhodes and Janet W. McMillin

•Codie Harold Traxler and Samantha Brianne Mendoza

•Kyle Everett Marshall and Holly Jean Depoy

•Kevin A. Laporte and Kristy Maria Higgenbotham

•Robert E. Williams and Vicki R. Williams

•Garth R. Anderson III and Kearra T. Littlejohn

•Joseph S. Novotney and Kyun OK Kim

•Jared A. Meyers and Markie Marie Mourey

•Gregory Edward Ludwiski and Leslie Ann Hilton

•Jose A. Diaz and Marron Maritza Castro

•Bradley A. Grimes and Dusti Brooke Siefer

•Michael G. Lefler and Karen K. Whisman

•Contrell Damer Slayton and Renee Nicole Thompson

•Tanner Alan Pollock and Caitlin Elizabeth Michaels

•Kyle James Becker and Rachel Kay Ray

•Austin Lee Girardot and Jennifer L. Bynum

•Alan Ray Terry and Elizabeth Lynn Spychalski

•James Roy Zepke and Elizabeth Ann Williams

•Christopher Matt Simonoff and Kara Lynn Glaven

•Nicholas J. Cobb and Rachel Neal

•Gabriel M. Dawkins and Mandy M. Branch

•Erik W. Miller and Rachel L. Pemberton

•Shaun A. Fisher and Trisha E. Gase

•Troy Branigan and Lakeisha Mazique

•Clayton A. Gaham and Erica N. Hill

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.