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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Only hope for US is for GOP to advocate for liberty and rule of law

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Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:01 am
Just a couple of observations about this year’s election from a conservative viewpoint.First, Republican House Speaker John Boehner must go. This cannot be put too strongly. Boehner had Obama in his crosshairs with the debt ceiling increase showdown. If Boehner had demanded anything meaningful, or forced Obama to stop borrowing, Obama would have lost, most likely in a landslide.

Instead, Boehner gave Obama a $2.5 trillion slush fund to get himself re-elected. Now Boehner is saying he wants to give Obama massive tax increases in exchange for phony reductions in future spending increases. Boehner and his sidekick Eric Cantor must be removed from leadership if the GOP is to have any hope of ever recovering.

Second, it is time for the GOP to dramatically redefine itself. For three straight presidential elections the Republican Party has pitched itself as a slightly more economically and socially conservative alternative to the Democratic Party, with its biggest distinguishing factor being its relentless advocacy of war, torture, and the police-state surveillance of the public.

This strategy has largely destroyed the party. As white Americans plunge as a percentage of the nation’s population, running on a neo-con agenda will increasingly become a preposterous proposition.

How is the GOP going to get a dwindling number of whites to ignore the imploding decline in the country they grew up in with the promise that a Republican president will trade anything of importance with the Democrats in exchange for more wars?

Over the last decade we have butchered a lot of Arabs and put quite a few Middle Eastern nations under the control of the CIA and Mossad, but what good does that do us when our nation is disintegrating?

Demographics are destiny, and for Republicans that spells disaster. GOP leaders have championed massive immigration for years. Because the immigration laws since 1965 have been designed to reduce whites as a percentage of the population, only a tiny percentage of new citizenships are given to people of European decent. Hence, whites as a percentage of the population is declining at a breakneck pace. The Republican Party’s best shot at branching out into non-whites, women and young voters will be to drop the angry old war buzzard caricature they have built for themselves.

There are several ways the GOP could revive itself, but time is short. The No. 1 thing the Republican Party must do is to re-brand itself. Right now its main selling point is a near fanatical obsession with war and globalism. If the GOP changes tack and embraces the mantle of freedom, personal liberties and the right of the individual over the thuggish regime in Washington, it may be able to branch out and save itself and the nation in the process.

To make this change it would need to dump the losing “War on Terror” nonsense, and focus on upholding the Constitution and personal liberties as its new branding.

Making a change is not an option. If Republican leadership tries to win over the exploding non-white population by continuing to lunge to the left, its base supporters will give up altogether and the non-white voters it covets will still vote Democrat.

This may have happened in this last election as it appears the total number of votes for president has plunged from 131 million in 2008 to around 125 million this year, with around 7-8 million fewer whites voting this year than in ’08.

The only chance the Republicans have is to advocate for liberty and rule of law, as found in the Constitution. To do otherwise will put the final nail in their, and this nation’s, coffin.


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