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Saturday August 29, 2015
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Letters to the editor

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 12:01 am

Who helps nurses injured on the job?

It is unfortunate to hear of all the nurses working in our great city of Fort Wayne hospitals who are injured because of chronic understaffing issues and the lack of critical supplies needed to protect them as well as patients created by ethical dilemmas between workman’s compensation and employers.

Please, do not think me naive in believing employment status, education or reputation will play a significant factor in determining outcomes that emanate throughout every doctor’s or surgeon’s office, or by every nurse or medical personnel, for all discrimination looks the same regardless.

Workman’s comp patients are regarded as third-class citizens, undeserving of treatment and medication for pain compared to individuals with health insurance and medical testing indicating legitimate injuries.

Stereotypical labeling ensues and “experimental object” is stamped everywhere for them to poke and prod you like a lab rat until you squirm and then leave you frustrated, upset and alone with a lawyer who clearly cannot grasp concepts of medical procedures and assistance to relief.

The belief is injuries do not occur from lifting, pushing or pulling patients because every condition nurses have apply (pre-existing) therefore leaving facilities not responsible and free to fire the nurse.

Agency staff fills these positions, quickly opening up liability medication errors, increased mortality, morbidity and theft while management vacations on taxpayer benefits. Who helps injured nurses when they are treated as subhuman and injured, shafted by the ones supposed to protect but harm in such ways. Justice for truth is determined by whom?

Sandy Lahrman

Constructing new, tix old broken sidewalks

It’s been a few months now, but a powered wheelchair was struck and the person died after being struck by a car.

I use a powered wheelchair. I wish the sidewalks would be repaired, and where there is no sidewalk, one should be built. I travel by my chair all over because I have no one to do my running for me. I live by State and St. Marys. I travel by chair to Wells Street, St. Joseph Hospital (when my sister was dying), Walgreens at State and Wells, Gateway, everywhere I want to go on good days. But I always have to use the streets because the sidewalks are broken, uprooted or nonexistent.

In winter, (sidewalks are) snow-covered and blocked, so I use the street. My powered wheelchair is my car. We have bicycle lanes, why not wheelchair lanes or at least sidewalks and smooth ones repaired, not torn-up sidewalks?

Maybe that person wouldn’t have been struck and killed. I don’t want to be struck, but if I want to take a trip, I’m in the street.

I’ve only been in my chair for about eight years due to injury. Before that I drove; I don’t just want to be trapped at home or have to pay $60 just to go as far as my chair can already take me. I don’t want to be killed because I have to use the streets.

Could they (city) fix the sidewalks and put ones in where there aren’t any? I would like to go to the zoo, Three Rivers Festival, the main library, Parkview Field or a few other places, but I can’t because of the city’s sidewalk problems.

For us who travel or want to travel by chair, use that extra money the city has on putting good sidewalks in and fixing the broken ones. It would also help people with baby strollers, those who push carts and those who use manual wheelchairs.

I just want them to think about the issue as they’re trying to find out what to do with all that money to use for Fort Wayne.

Patty Stephens

Dishonor roll

FDR. Dwight Eisenhower. John Kennedy. Wilbur Mills. Wayne Hays. Gary Hart. Bill Clinton. Mark Foley. Larry Craig. John Edwards. Eric Massa. Anthony Weiner. David Wu. Mark Souder. David Petraeus.

Does anyone in Washington keep their pants on?

Bruce Cynar