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STANDINGS: The News-Sentinel High School Football State Championship Bracket Challenge

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 12:01 am

The News-Sentinel called on readers to submit their postseason projections and hundreds of bracket entries were cast for the High School Football State Championship Bracket Challenge.

The News-Sentinel Bracket Challenge is an online contest that gives fans the opportunity to predict who will win the high school football state title in each of the five classes.

Check out the top 20 leaders in the bracket challenge standings entering the state finals this weekend. The winner of the bracket challenge will receive a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The winner will be contacted at the end of the contest through the username they created at If there is a tie for first place, the winner will be randomly selected from the individuals tied for the first place.


T-1. AndrewNeal -- 36 points

T-1.Wlfootball -- 36 points

T-3. 4thewin -- 35 points

T-3. bmerz3549 -- 35 points

T-5. Blitzkrieg10 -- 33 points

T-5. komets3001 -- 33 points

T-5. whiteshoes -- 33 points

T-5. winstondog -- 33 points

T-9. KnightsQB -- 32 points

T-9. lynber -- 32 points

T-11. Jakeg06 -- 31 points

T-11. Ramer1124 -- 31 points

T-11. sharp1236 -- 31 points

T-14. Cajuns -- 30 points

T-14. Lmfcs -- 30 points

T-14. peterwsdj -- 30 points

T-17. Dave Hippenhammer -- 29 points

T-17. railroaderfan5489 -- 29 points

19. Brian Outland -- 28 points

T-20. Shelly Zachery -- 27 points

T-20. Unlucky Breaks -- 27 points