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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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President Obama must lead us in prayer, set example we can follow

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Friday, November 23, 2012 12:01 am
An open letter to America:Now that the election is over, and all the cheers and appreciations are expressed, we need to face tomorrow. For a very long time I did not think America could fail, but during the past year I had doubts about the continuity of the American Dream, which I learned in 1957, for future generations. I saw cracks in that magical balloon, encompassing that wish, which the entire world yearns to achieve.

I join Mitt Romney in prayer for the president, as we all should, so he may govern our country with wisdom, strength and courage as his task is massive and expectations of him are high. I encourage the president to daily call upon Almighty God for blessings as our forefathers did before heavy undertakings as only with blessings from God can he govern justly.

This election is a clear testimony to the intent of the Founding Fathers that the power of the government derived from the people through the concept of popular sovereignty. So regardless who was our candidate, after the election we have one president, who is the recipient of the people’s trust (through the majority of the electors). So, we the people and you Mr. President must team up to solve our problems. There is no I in team.

The task before our president is colossal, and the human weakness is the weak link in the chain. The Founding Fathers were aware of that danger, so they placed safeguards to maintain their wish for our future. But, like spoiled children, we selfishly started to dismantle that safeguard. We have cleverly justified and camouflaged them through double talk, to the point that we cannot take each other at our own word. The floor upon which we stand is so moved from its foundation that it is in danger of collapse.

Our national faith is so undermined that it is hardly recognizable. We confuse rights, responsibilities and opportunities, and use them interchangeably for our personal gains (very few admit to personal responsibility). We proclaim to stand up for the weak, helpless and unfortunate. Yet, we yearly kill 1.37 million defenseless in the U.S., 93 percent of which are for social reasons (not that there is a good reason for any) with our government’s sanction. How can we call upon God’s blessings, and expect Him to help us, when we are removing his word from our lives at every step of the way?

Pornography and child abuse, among many others, are tolerated in the name of art and freedom of speech. Corruption and stealing on the largest scale, we call clever finance, while drug abuse is an uncontrollable evil. Our children, like zombies, mimic lyrics of rock stars full of four-letter words, and I do not mean love or snow, before they memorize the Lord’s Prayer. Parental responsibility must be regained from the government. It is not the village’s primary responsibility to raise future generations, neither the president’s.

Morality cannot be legislated, as it will destroy freedom and lead to militarism. Freedom must be tempered with morality, which originates from self-restraint, and it is a learned trait. Freedom, without morality (absolute freedom) is anarchy. We must find the middle ground — go back to the basics of our Founding Fathers — as it is timeless, with the help of God.

I know, Mr. President, you may think that I am hard on you or may be unreasonable. No, I am not. I know the power of prayer firsthand, and I have confidence in you and in the American people that you are up to the task. You can lead us in prayer, you can set the example for us to follow and you can encourage us. We must clean our house first, before we can tackle the domestic issues. We must strengthen our country, before we can once again be the shining light for the world.

God bless you, Mr. President.

God bless America.


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