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NFL Power Poll: Texans at No.1, but Patriots rising

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The Colts and Bears slip after bad losses last week

Saturday, November 24, 2012 - 12:01 am

1. Texans. Houston's a great example of a team that works overtime to get the job done.

2. Falcons. Fans can accept a lot of flaws when you're 9-1.

3. 49ers. Nothing like a quarterback controversy as the season hits the homestretch.

4. Patriots. Tom Brady keeps losing parts, but the offense is in Super Bowl mode.

5. Broncos. Peyton gets to pick on the Chiefs this week. Is that really fair?

6. Ravens. A bit flawed and a bit beaten-up, Baltimore is still a force to be reckoned with.

7. Packers. Not the NFC's best yet, but making strides toward that goal.

8. Da Bears. Who knew Jay Cutler was such a valuable defensive player?

9. Buccaneers. Along with the Colts, best turn-around team of the season so far.

10. Steelers. Roethlisberger and wife welcome a son. How long before he can get on the field? (Ben, not son.)

11. Seahawks. No one things Pete Carroll can coach, yet here they are in the wild-card race.

12. Giants. Better snap out of slump in a hurry, the Packers are in town.

13. Saints. Drew Brees' next assignment is to dissect 49ers defense. He can do it.

14. Colts. They're in position to make run, but can't afford a letdown at home vs. Bills.

15. Vikings. A win in Chicago on Sunday would be as huge as it gets, and it's possible.

16. Redskins. RG3 is in negotiations to take over for Superman or Spider-man or both.

17. Bengals. Improving Cincy looks for third straight win at home vs. Raiders.

18. Bills. Big chance for attention trying to spoil Andrew Lucks' home vibe this week.

19. Lions. Yeah, there was a bad-luck call, but they had about 14 chances to beat the Texans.

20. Cowboys. Dallas always looks just good enough at times to raise false hopes.

21. Raiders. Oakland has given up 135 points in the last three games.

22. Eagles. Ready to “showcase” their train-wreck season on Monday Night Football.

23. Jets. Remember when the Colts blew up their roster? The time has come for Jets.

24. Dolphins. Miami needs a major bounce-back game at home against the Seahawks.

25. Browns. Quarterback-short Steelers could provide upset chance to Browns. Or not.

26. Chargers. Philip Rivers takes on the Ravens defense this week, unless he wisely calls in sick.

27. Cardinals. Somewhere between the 4-0 start and 0-6 follow-up lies the real Arizona team.

28. Titans. Last week: Bye. This week: Jaguars. Is there a difference?

29. Rams. This team remains a year, probably two, from being a contender.

30. Panthers. Cam Newton has a real likeable commercial on now. So he's got that going for him.

31. Jaguars. They almost beat Houston, which is also known as another loss.

32. Chiefs. Too bad there's not a franchise quarterback at the No.1 pick next spring.