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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 09:07 am
The opponents to the State Boulevard widening and straightening project have some very valid concerns. Primarily, they don’t seem to trust the truthfulness or honesty of city officials. I can’t blame them. I also trusted what was said to me by the city engineer during an upgrade project.

Twenty-five feet of right -of- way was needed to upgrade utility lines near my Ardmore Avenue home, not for road widening, is what I was told several times by the city engineer. Ten years later, a new four-lane road and a Rivergreenway trail were at my front door.

I was told, “Once we own it, we can do what we want with it.” My advice is to treat them as carpetbagger shysters, record and document every conversation.

Maplecrest Road, Ardmore Avenue, St. Joe Center Road and now State Boulevard are just a few examples. Your reporters should investigate the specifics of these projects and find out why there is such a lack of trust of the city officials.

Kenneth JohnsMr. Polk’s letter printed on Oct. 24 astounded me. I am not sure if he is too young or too old to remember the last 30 years. If he’s too young, he would have never seen the way the press treated Reagan while he deregulated and trickled many of us out of jobs. He also wouldn’t have seen how the actor deserved an Academy Award for his role as president.

Reagan was a man who could not recall anything about the Iran Contra affair, but he had media support while he increased the budget deficit 2.7 times. How about the Persian Gulf War? Every hour there were commercials with the national anthem and flags flying.

Before you go off on the honesty tangent, please consider the “WMDs” we have yet to see and the lives lost for that fib.

I am quite sure that he has forgotten that by 2006, Bush Jr. had borrowed more money than all 42 of the men before him added together. According to “Need to Know” on PBS, the corporations are paying 50 percent less taxes than they did 30 years ago. Corporations making over a million receive 40 percent less in taxes, so they can create jobs.

My question, Mr. Polk, is where are they?

I am currently disabled on SSDI; I have psoriasis and have psoriatic arthritis. The arthritis might have been prevented if pre-existing conditions were required to be covered 20 years ago. I spent over two years as a test subject at the University of Michigan’s Dermatology Research facilities.

So, I sought treatment, Mr. Polk. Maybe Obamacare is not the best solution, but as a “victim,” as Romney would call me, of lack of affordable care, this has been the best I have seen except for my time in Germany. I worked for eight years and suffered severe pain. When I lost that job, I even took one at a gas station, but they would not let me sit on a stool and run a register. They said that I would appear “lazy” to the customer. Did you ever try standing for eight hours with arthritis, Mr. Polk?

I tried to pull myself up by my boot straps, but as with so many others, even the able-bodied, someone keeps stealing the boots. The last 30 years has seen the destruction of labor unions, which made sure the common worker not only had boots but the straps to pull them up.

I will grant the fact they committed abuses just as management did, but they did offer some form of protection that very few workers see today.

Peace, love and harmony are the answers, Mr. Polk; greed, prejudice, and self-serving attitudes are not. As little as I have to share with those less fortunate than myself, I try my best to protect the planet and stop those who would destroy it and enslave us.

Michael J. Ward


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