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Thursday August 27, 2015
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NFL Power Poll: Beware of Brady on the move

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Texans and Patriots heading for a major showdown

Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 10:12 am

1. Texans. Houston is a week away from a huge, huge showdown in New England.

2. Falcons. Let the country disrespect, they'll just keep on winning games.

3. 49ers. Jim Harbaugh spent the summer staring fondly at Peyton Manning, so who's surprised he wasn't that into Alex Smith?

4. Patriots. This week, Tom Brady gets to play in the pleasant weather of Miami. Sorry, Dolphins.

5. Broncos. RG3 passed Peyton for top-selling jersey this week. Manning takes marketing anger out on Bucs.

6. Ravens. It's time for another all-out brawl with the Pittsburgh Steelers, fines optional.

7. Da Bears. Jay Cutler out, Bears bad. Jay Cutler in, Bears good. Got it.

8. Giants. This is either the greatest team ever or the most unpredictable. Or both.

9. Packers. Can one bad game deflate six weeks of momentum? In the NFL, yes.

10. Buccaneers. Incredible test of defense with road game at the Denver Peytons this week.

11. Colts. They need a signature road win, and Detroit could be the one.

12. Steelers. Pittsburgh is a contender with Ben Roethlisberger, but hard to watch without him.

13. Seahawks. They're in Chicago on Sunday. Somebody's gonna get hurt. Just saying.

14. Saints. This may end up a lost season, but they could still play the spoilers at some point.

15. Redskins. Do you think there will be any sort of hype about RG3 playing the Giants on Monday Night Football?

16. Vikings. Humbled by Bears, now traveling to Green Bay to face angry Packers. Bad news.

17. Bengals. Cincy has a contender now and face a winnable game at San Diego next.

18. Lions. If Ndamukong Suh stomps, kicks or looks crossways at Andrew Luck on Sunday, he may be banned for life.

19. Browns. The Browns face Oakland and could put consecutive wins together for the first time this season.

20. Bills. Offense fairly pedestrian, but could well be enough to beat the visiting Jags.

21. Cowboys. Tony Romo ready for player of the week performance vs. Eagles. Everyone else does it.

22. Raiders. Oakland fans already looking ahead to next season. So it's business as usual.

23. Dolphins. Pass defense is the weak link. Tom Brady is in town. Yes, it's OK to assume here.

24. Chargers. The Norv Turner farewell tour continues, now in its fourth season.

25. Cardinals. They travel to play the Jets, one team that might have less momentum than the Cardinals.

26. Rams. Last time they played the 49ers it ended in a tie. This rematch feels unnecessary after such a decisive moment.

27. Eagles. They're a great example of why playoff spots aren't handed out based on preseason predictions.

28. Jets. New York at home against Arizona Cardinals. It's the game of the weak.

29. Panthers. Wait. That looks like the Cam Newton from last season. That Newton's pretty good.

30. Jaguars. Excitement building in Jacksonville over the Jags' epic one-game winning streak.

31. Titans. In a showdown of the AFC South have-nots, Titans lost to the Jaguars.

32. Chiefs. This could be the week for a win with Carolina coming to town. Or not.