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Letter to the editor

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 8:41 am

Some facts to weigh in considering the merits of school vouchers

First, I would like to say that I know and admire many excellent teachers in the public school system who are diligent in their teaching and also good examples of upright, honorable citizens.

I hold them in high esteem and am thankful for their influence over the students whose characters are being developed.

At the same time, to address the concerns of those who oppose school vouchers, it may be well to consider the following facts:

1. Vouchers give parents the option of choosing a school that teaches cursive writing, spelling and other subjects that some of the public schools are dropping, but which are necessary for a person to be able to succeed in adulthood.

2. Parents may choose schools that encourage strong character, promote honorable goals and good citizenship, and do not hand out condoms, birth control pills and promote sexual promiscuity through their sex education classes. Teaching sex education without moral values is like handing a child a high-powered rifle without teaching the dangers inherent in the indiscriminate use of the gun.

3. Schools may be chosen that do not teach the theory of evolution as though it were a fact.

4. In public schools, there is more likely to be danger from angry students who come from homes where there is little or no parental involvement or discipline.

5. For many years, parents who have sacrificed to pay tuition to private schools have born a double burden since they are also forced to pay taxes to support the public school system, which they are not using.

6. It will not cost the government any more to provide school vouchers since private schools are generally much more efficient than public schools.

7. It will be good for the public schools to have the competition, causing some to re-examine their priorities and become more amenable to the concerns of the parents. Thanks to the NEA, tenure for teachers has caused some schools to retain poor teachers, which in turn hurts the student’s chance for success in the future.

8. Most importantly, it gives caring parents the option to choose a school that is best for their children.

June Rediger