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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Eugenics, rationalizing dehumanization: World's casualties continue to mount

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Monday, December 03, 2012 08:34 am
With the Freedom of Information Act (exemptions for national security) and the Mandatory Declassification Review provisions of Executive Order 13526, Part 3, SE. 3.3 (re-documents 25 years or older) material previously classified by our government becomes available to the public.Author Adrian Weale included recently declassified information in his newest work, “Army of Evil: A History of the SS” (Penguin Books/NAL Caliber Printing, Sept. 2012). It is a monster of a book in more ways than one as Weale unflinchingly details how the SS, begun as a small squad of political thugs in the 1920s, grew by 1944 into more than 800,000 men responsible for the most appalling crimes against humanity:

There is a sense in which National Socialism was “politics as applied biology.” The movement’s theorists genuinely believed that it might be possible to resolve social and political problems by biological means. The first manifestation of this ideology – and the model for German eugenic legislation thereafter – was the Sterilization Law of July 1933.

The start of the euthanasia program can be traced to a specific event in Leipzig in the winter of 1938-1939. The parents of a baby (with multiple birth defects) petitioned Hitler to grant permission for their child’s doctor to perform “a mercy killing.”

The start of ordered deaths, using the preferred procedure of carbon monoxide poisoning, began in 1939, when 10 SS men and local craftsmen turned the former castle of the dukes of Wurttemberg at Grafeneck into a gas chamber and extermination center. Its initial purpose was to facilitate by easiest means the riddance of Germany’s “unproductive people,” the sick, the disabled, the social discards.

As the death toll grew, so did resistance to the euthanasia program. At first glance, this might be interpreted as compassion among the citizens of the Third Reich – some organized rallies outside the killing center – however, it should be remembered that there were no comparable demonstrations when the extermination of the Jews got under way.

Eugenics and rationalizing dehumanization. Casualties of the Nazi extermination programs: more than 6 million.

I wonder how many in America are aware that legal abortion was a strategy by eugenicists as early as 1939, to “genetically improve” our population by “reducing it.”

According to current polling data, we Americans are split fairly evenly on whether or not we think Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Some liken increased efforts to restrict access to abortion as a “war on women,” while others call legalized abortion the “real war on women.” This officially nondeclared war continues to be waged after 40 years, from courtrooms to polling places — and on sidewalks outside of clinics, inside of which, suction and curettage continues to be the preferred procedure.

“Eugenics is easiest to describe,” writes Rebecca Messall, Esq., in the fall 2004 issue of Human Life Review, “as being the Darwin-based theory behind the Nazis’ plan to breed a race of human thoroughbreds.”

After Hitler, eugenic theorists advocated global control over who has babies and how many. It has become “population thinking.” Further, politicians who position themselves in favor of Roe align themselves with a host of eugenic strategies and fallout, which include human embryo destructive exploitation (nicknamed “stem cell research”), the trafficking in fetal body parts and euthanasia. As Messall points out, “They also align themselves with the Rockefeller family dynasty, which funded eugenic scientists (here and in Germany) as early as 1922, before Hitler put eugenic theories into practice.”

Margaret Sanger, (1879-1966) co-founder of Planned Parenthood, is listed in the 1956 membership records of the American Eugenics Society. Her stance was crystal clear three decades prior. From a paper submitted to and rejected by Congress in 1921, Sanger wrote: “Today eugenics is suggested by the most diverse minds as the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.”

In March 1973, two months after Roe v.Wade was handed down, the name of the American Eugenics Society was changed to the Society for the Study of Social Biology. Their announcement read, “The change of name does not coincide with any change of its interest of policies.” This, then, is the ideological basis of the abortion industry.

Katharine O’Keefe, author of “American Eugenics Society 1922-1994,” states the obvious: “Eugenical thinkers in democracies presently use different tactics for the implementation of eugenic goals than did the dictator Hitler. However, democracy was, and is, for the eugenicists, merely a political obstacle course.”

Eugenics and rationalizing dehumanization. Casualties since Roe v.Wade: more than 56 million.


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