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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Thursday, December 06, 2012 12:01 am
Congratulations to Leo Morris and The News-Sentinel on Nov. 15 for alerting citizens that the state should stay away from the Obamacare mess. It is more than a mess, an Obama health insurance exchange is actually a federally facilitated takeover that is run behind the scenes by the federal government, meant to deceive with a state name (i.e., Indiana Exchange) – leaving the public in the dark about the federal takeover. Governors and Congress should be alerted to the fact that by joining the exchange, states are not preserving one iota of state autonomy but by setting up your own Obamacare exchange; on the contrary, you are letting the feds deputize you as instruments of federal policy.

Twila Brase, an RN and president of Citizens Council for Health Freedom, details why stopping Obamacare insurance exchange stops Obamacare. The feds need the states’ money for operational expenses. Brase concludes, “States must assert their own sovereignty and stand up for the health, privacy and pocketbooks of their citizens. Go to www.nixthehix.org to read Brase’s report. Read the 15 reasons why this is not a good idea. A picture is worth a thousand words so find the diagram and click on “more” and take a closer look at the portal (state-run exchange) and how each federally controlled exchange state is connected to the federal data service hub, which will transmit your private data between and among five state agencies, federal agencies (i.e., IRS, HHS) and employers for tracking and enforcement with your tax dollars.

A state-established exchange is a federal takeover center and must follow federal law and federal statues. The federal law says each state “shall” establish health insurance exchange … but congress cannot require states to act. It is unconstitutional. Tell your governor and governor-elect to say no to Obamacare exchange.

Emma MomperIt is well known that Barack H. Obama is anti-gun and believes that the Constitution does not actually give people the right to own guns or to carry them as a means of personal protection or as a protection of themselves and their homes when confronted by those whose intent is to rob and cause mayhem.

In a recent Internet blog, someone asked, why isn’t President Obama facing impeachment charges for his many violations of the provisions of the United States Constitution.

Below is my response to that person.

For the past three-plus years, conservatives have been calling, writing and emailing their senators and representatives, demanding that impeachment proceedings be brought against President Obama, Holder and others, who are “hell bent” on their intentions to strip the American people of the Constitutional right to own and carry weapons. The military oath that all who are serving under, or have served under, demands that we defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic. We are faced with threats from foreign enemies, which have been defended at the cost of many lives. We are still, allegedly, defending the freedoms provided under the Constitution by our involvement in Afghanistan. But, President Obama is the greatest threat to our Constitution, for he does not believe in it and feels it is unnecessary and/or should be changed in accord with the views of those in office. Take away our guns. Look at his adopted home city of Chicago, strongest gun laws in the nation, and look who still have their guns, the crooks, the drug dealers, those who are feeding at his “trough,” just like little pigs.

It is way past time for impeachment, for those proceedings are long overdue. If the Congress had the (gumption) to stand up to him, they would have to decide, which action of his against our Constitution do they pursue.

But why, after our Congressmen and Congresswomen have been contacted by us, with our views, continue to ignore us and let President Obama continue in his evil path? What are they afraid of? He is just a man; he is not a god, except in his own mind. He still has never been vetted. Thus, the “invisible” president, for no one except himself and those who are pulling the puppet strings, know what should be known about him.

Someone out there holds the key to unlocking his secrets. What does it take to get them to step forward and insert the key into the lock?

Ronald G. Ross

1SG US Army (ret.)


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