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Reader interview: Sci-fi fan enjoys Zahn, Card, but J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Return of the King’ is best

Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 12:01 am

Editor’s note: This week’s Page Turner reader interview is with Brandon Peat, art director for the Asher Agency, a local advertising, marketing and public relations firm.

“I am a science fiction reader. Among my favorite authors is Timothy Zahn, who is most famous for his ‘Star Wars’ books. He has also written thrillers on space trains, and the travel between the planets is a lot of fun.

“There’s Orson Scott Card, who is best known for his ‘Ender’s Game’ series. Then, of course, there is J.R.R. Tolkien. I had his books first read to me when I was very young. And I read ‘The Hobbit’ and others in the series to my son when he was in utero!

“Sometimes when books are made into movies, I have wondered, ‘Why did they change that?’ But when I saw the film ‘Lord of the Rings,’ I thought they did an excellent job. ‘The Hobbit’ (film) is coming out soon, and I’m looking forward to seeing that.

“I read the first four ‘Harry Potter’ books and enjoyed them and then saw the films and enjoyed them, too. I don’t know why I didn’t finish the series, but I will go back and read the other books eventually.

“I think my favorite book is Tolkien’s ‘The Return of the King.’ I read it for the second time when I was in high school and read it in one sitting. I could not put it down. It is of such an epic scope, and the world in which it takes place is so well developed.

“There’s ‘1984,’ which I first read in high school. I am a big fan of George Orwell. And I see how many authors drew their inspiration from this book. I thought even then, ‘So this is where all this stuff comes from.’ I also liked ‘Animal Farm’ a lot. ‘1984’ takes a very prescient look into our future — and partially our present. The book holds up so well after all these years.

“When I was little, I read everything about dinosaurs. My 2-year-old son loves ‘The Frog and Toad’ series. My wife is also a reader. We are a household of readers!”