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Radio show with Burmese focus has last broadcast

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 7:34 am

The Burmese radio show “FM Myanmar” that has been airing Sundays on WBOI, 89.1-FM, had its last broadcast Sunday.

The half-hour show first aired July 1 and was the brainchild of Thiha Kyi and Thin Koko. The program gave listeners in the Fort Wayne Burmese community and Burmese across the country a platform.

Thiha Kyi said Tuesday he has had to cancel the show because Thin Koko has taken a job with the State Department and can no longer help him put the show together. Thiha Kyi also produces the “Golden Moon” cable TV program that began on Fort Wayne's public access channel two years ago. Thiha Kyi said it was a matter of not having enough time to produce both shows on his own.

The two men started the radio program because they could reach a lot more people by radio than the TV show does.

The show had a section for debate and discussions on politics, as well as social and health issues. It also had music, education and lifestyle features. The response to the show was reportedly excellent, with listeners tuning in from as far away as Singapore and Japan.

Katy Anderson, operations manager for the station, said for the time being, the "TED Radio Hour" will fill up the vacant time slot. Anderson said if the opportunity for more Burmese programming comes along, the station would like to pursue it.