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Letters to the editor

Friday, December 14, 2012 - 12:01 am

Thurgood Marshall Academy provides needed alternative

Responding to concerns of a group of parents who felt their children’s educational needs were being overlooked in the existing public school system, the Fort Wayne Urban League explored the possibility of providing an alternative. For several years the league has run an after-school tutoring program and summer enrichment classes for young people of the southeast community. In 2012 the Urban League expanded its educational programming.

The newly opened Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy at 2310 Weisser Park Ave. was established to provide an innovative quality neighborhood option, in turn fostering a new sense of community pride, culture, and identity.

Currently over 100 students are enrolled in the academy in grades K-8. The school is managed by American Quality Schools, selected by the Fort Wayne Urban League after noting the success of another AQS run school, the Theo Bowman Academy in Gary with a 70 percent college entrance rate.

Since the August 2012 opening of the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy, I have observed the children, teachers and administrators. I have seen motivated students led by excellent teachers. Although we lost our principal, we are fortunate to have a qualified assistant who capably stepped in to fill the role. To date the school is continuing smoothly toward meeting the educational needs of the students.

The governing board of the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy is dedicated to making the school successful. Along with all the other school systems in our city, we are doing our best to make sure our children will succeed, become responsible citizens of Fort Wayne and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Alan Grinsfelder, chairman of the governing board Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

Costas: Seriously?

Bob Costas’ rant at halftime of an NFL Sunday night football game concerning the tragic murder of Kasandra Perkins by Jovan Belcher was, to say the least, inane and out of place. So, according to Bob, in his infinite wisdom, if there were no gun involved, both parties would be alive today.

Come on, man! You mean to say that a 240-pound NFL player could not have done any violence to his girlfriend and done her in any other way, like perhaps bludgeoning, stabbing, choking or some other form of battery?

Why do we have to be subjected to TV personalities (Costas), movie stars (e.g., Barbra Streisand and Sean Penn), sports stars or anybody else who, because they are in the public eye, think it is a special right given to them from above to pontificate about anything? Many of them have no more special insight, training, education or credentials than the average Joe or Jane on the street. And yet we are to respect and revere their opinions.

Just because a person can act or play a particular sport well or have a great persona on the air does not mean they deserve to be taken seriously.

Jim Ackmann