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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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TV Diary: Testing your memory about 'Soap'

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 12:01 am

“This is the story of two sisters — Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell. These are the Tates. And these are the Campbells. And this is 'Soap.'”

Two episodes of this classic show, which ran 1977-81, air 11 p.m.-midnight Sunday on WANE-DT 15.2, Comcast Channel 250.

“Soap” mocked soap operas back in their heyday. While the humor may be lost on a young person, I enjoy re-watching the crazy antics of both families. The series launched the careers of Billy Crystal, Robert Guillaume, Joe Mantegna and Robert Urich.

Is the show coming back to you? How well will you do with this quiz?

1. What was Burt Campbell's profession?

2. Who was the announcer?

3. Who did Corinne Tate marry?

4. Do you remember what happened to Corinne's baby?

5. Bob Campbell walked around the house with what?

6. Which character landed a spinoff series? Hint: Look above.

7. Which actor replaced the character who went on to his own series?

8. Name the writer who was responsible for the show's clever dialogue.

9. Jessica and Mary's father was called what? Why?

Answers: 1. Owner of a construction company and later sheriff. 2. Rod Roddy. 3. Father Timothy Flotsky. 4. Her baby was possessed by Satan. 5. A ventriloquist dummy. 6. Benson. 7. Roscoe Lee Browne. 8. Susan Harris. 9. The Major because he thought he was still in the war.