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Tuesday January 27, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through Dec. 16

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 12:50 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 16.

Fort Wayne

•A Miracle L. Stewart to Shaqwayla L. Stewart.

•A Voriye T. Rowland to Carlazaria U. Rowland.

•Abigail S. Ber to Aye P. Ber and Eh S. Ber.

•Abram J. Stephens to Jillian B. Stephens.

•Adelynn C. Waggoner-McLain to Scarlett J. Waggoner-Mclain.

•Adriana R. Carrillo to Dana M. and Carlos J. Carrillo.

•Ahkar Shwe to Naw E. Doh and Saw T. Shwe.

•Ahnica J. Rogers to Toya L. Whitlow and Andray J. Rogers.

•Alayah L. Smith to Marquisha L. Grady and Alfred L. Smith.

•Alejandro L. Martinez to Griselda Jacquez and Maximo E. Martinez.

•Alex D. Ortiz to Angelina E. Ortiz.

•Alexandria N. Beard to Aubrey N. Gallmeier and Marvin L. Beard Jr.

•Alivia D. Kerr to Leah M. and Nathan D. Kerr.

•Alonzo D. Deluna to Rosaura Guzman and Jorge L. Deluna.

•Amelia G. Tellef to Kyree C. Marquart and Charles F. Tellef.

•Amiya N. Verser to Jannat A. Verser.

•Anderson P. Hogg to Kathryn A. and James P. Hogg.

•Andrew H. Vanderbosch to Gwen E. and Brian H. Vanderbosch.

•Andrew J. Bogan to Stacey E. Saunders and David A. Bogan.

•Andrew M. Wilson to Lauren M. and Ian A. Wilson.

•Andrew V. Landrigan to Kayle N. and Joseph M. Landrigan.

•Angelina S. Diaz to Mariela and Ruben Diaz.

•Ashanni A. Madison to Ashley P. Nailon and Peter G. Madison Jr.

•Ashleen K. Lalria to Jasbir K. and Dalwinder S. Lalria.

•Audra J. Terman to Amy K. and Timothy N. Terman.

•August A. Fuchs to Kassandra M. and Joshua M. Fuchs.

•Austin W. Scott to Ashley R. Scott.

•Bella C. Norman to Macy C. Borroel and Devon N. Norman.

•Bianca R. Wesley to Tawanda L. and Brennon R. Wesley.

•Blaise F. Tippmann to Angela T. and David P. Tippmann Sr.

•Blake R. Lavassaur to Amy M. and Jacob L. Lavassaur.

•Brady N. Finch to Elisabeth A. Finch.

•Brandon M. Davis Jr. to Briana E. and Brandon M. Davis.

•Brandon M. Gaines to Monica R. Gaines.

•Braxton J. Schaefer to Jamie M. and Bradley J. Schaefer.

•Brielle A. Paul to Courtney L. and David M. Paul.

•Brooklyn E. Johnson to Misty D. Kessens and Juan M. Johnson.

•Byron A. Cedeno to Jenny J. Moreira and Byron A. Cedeno.

•Byron M. Hernandez to Angel M. Bolin and Byron E. Hernandez.

•Caitlyn E. Odle to Adrian L. and David M. Odle.

•Caleb J. Schueler to Elizabeth A. and Aaron D. Schueler.

•Camdyn P. Ayabarreno to Maretta S. Ayabarreno.

•Carson M. Ruffin to Mariah M. Ruffin.

•Carter J. Bennett to Samanthalynn F. and Sean P. Bennett.

•Cataleya I. Barrios to Johanna Barrios.

•Cayden J. Wallace to Jacquelyn R. and Christopher M. Wallace.

•Channing L. Brase to Justine D. Brase.

•Christian J. Chitwood to Jennifer A. and William J. Chitwood.

•Cingit N. Pau to Cing D. Hual and Cin T. Cin.

•Colstan H. Hammond to Tonya R. and Mark C. Hammond.

•Conor A. McKillip to Renee M. and Zachary A. McKillip.

•Dante W. Powell to Brittney N. Wilson and Andrew W. Powell.

•Demya C. Debase to Tara P. Rutledge and Devon C. Debase Jr.

•Dennon A. Rangel to Amy V. Berry and Shawn E. Rangel.

•Dylan M. Prather to Charity A. and Brian W. Prather.

•Eleanor J. Beckett to Lynn N. and Robert D. Beckett.

•Elias R. Adkins to Brittany N. Ramsey and Ryan M. Adkins.

•Elijah A. Freeman to Macie R. Martz and Alexander T. Freeman.

•Elijah M. Maple to Melissa M. and Travis M. Maple.

•Elijah P. Kenny to Jill M. and Thomas M. Kenny.

•Elijah X. Hernandez to Amber L. Squier and Raymundo J. Hernandez.

•Ella J. Berner to Jessica C. Berner and Matthew C. Hershberger.

•Emalyn A. Rupert to Shauna J. and David J. Rupert.

•Emery C. Lessing to Melissa A. and Jeremy R. Lessing.

•Emily A. Rhinehart to Ashley R. and Andrew L. Rhinehart.

•Emma C. Eckert to Alison J. and Ryan J. Eckert.

•Esther E. Molenhouse to Wendy M. and Benjamin J. Molenhouse.

•Fa R. Be to Ha M. Be and Ha San.

•Fatima Mallah to Dema Dakmak and Husam Srour Mallah.

•Findley M. Oakleaf and Jensen V. Oakleaf and Ruby L. Oakleaf to Samantha L. and Shane T. Oakleaf.

•Fiona B. Koehl to Monica E. and Stanley M. Koehl.

•Gabrielle E. Mullins to Tamara L. and David F. Mullins.

•Gavin F. Russell to Brittani S. and Anthony M. Russell.

•Gavin L. Vachon to Meagan E. Vachon.

•Gehrig R. Grinager to Emily D. and Michael P. Grinager.

•Halen D. Fink to Genesis D. Fink.

•Harrison J. Welch to Bethany A. and Adam J. Welch.

•Hattie L. Knitter to Anna M. and Timothy P. Knitter.

•Henry E. Larson to Amanda L. Fore and Jason D. Larson.

•Hope G. Van Huisen to Rachel A. and Gabriel J. Van Huisen.

•Imani A. Roberson to Shontel R. Roberson.

•Isabella L. Diaz to Maria I. and Elvi J. Diaz.

•Isabella R. Coleman to Natalie M. Licari and Matthew J. Coleman.

•Isaiah R. Barlag to Kendra L. Hosman and Daniel C. Butcher Barlag.

•Itzel J. Diaz to Veronica Moreno-Romero and Rafael Diaz.

•Jackson M. Quinones to Erica R. and Daniel A. Quinones.

•Jacob D. Green to Sarah L. and Matthew A. Green.

•Jacob M. Doerr to Melissa K. Barton and Joshua F. Doerr.

•Jaelah C. Jackson to Kindell L. Haywood and David A. Jackson Sr.

•Jaidence T. Craig to Terri L. Craig.

•Jalayzia A. Kizer to Nkosha Z. Kizer.

•Jensen M. Wagner to Melanie A. and Jason P. Wagner.

•Jesus Gomez-Guzman to Maria G. Guzman and Silvestre O. Gomez.

•Jobe M. Payne to Caitlin M. and Richard M. Payne.

•Johnathan Shwe to Ah Mu and Joy Shwe.

•Jonah M. Freiburger to Courtney L. and Dominic J. Freiburger.

•Jonathan J. Spreen to Jacqui L. and Jason J. Spreen.

•Jordan M. Scully to Sheila R. and Joshua A. Scully.

•Jordyn L. Bojinoff to Bria L. Simms and Jordan C. Bojinoff.

•Josiah C. Eley to Starlene D. and Kamal J. Eley.

•Jude T. Christle to Stacie N. Bigham and Thaddeus A. Christle.

•Julian A. Martin to Nichole L. Martin.

•K Lani L. Lucas to Shidazja P. Lucas.

•Kale J. Perry to Melissa D. Smith and Paul J. Perry.

•Kara F. Anderson to Destiny F. Jones and Joshua D. Anderson.

•Kassandra A. Campos to Maria D. Rodriguez Jaimes and Pablo Campos.

•Kateris L. Grandberry to Keyera D. Grandberry.

•Katherine G. Corbrey to Alison M. and Jonathan C. Corbrey.

•Kaycen B. Faus to Kara J. and Kory B. Faus.

•Kendall P. Libey to Kamie J. and Justin C. Libey.

•Kendrik P. Pelton to Kristina D. Forsyth and Gary S. Pelton.

•Kennedi L. Kottkamp to Genia L. and Tyler D. Kottkamp.

•Kloi I. Barnett to Audrey F. Barnett.

•Konnor L. Miller to Stephanie M. and Justin N. Miller.

•Korey I. Mingus to Katie L. and Timothy D. Mingus.

•Krishnakumar Arun to Dhanyakumari Pramakumar and Arun Ramakrishnan.

•Kylor H. Autrey to Taylor A. and Kyle W. Autrey.

•Kyndal M. Russell and Trinity K. Russell to Tia N. and Willis D. Russell.

•Lael S. Bruce to Rona G. and Tyler T. Bruce.

•Laila A. Prater to Cassandra R. and Adam J. Prater.

•Laila J. Abdulrahim to Niri Chanaa and Shafiq O. Abdulrahim.

•Lance Lombrana Jr. to Lindsey A. Morrical and Lance Lombrana.

•Landon W. Hecht to Lesley E. and Andrew N. Hecht.

•Ledgar B. Arrate to Dominique M. Arrate.

•Lee H. Sherouse to April R. Fluhr and David W. Sherouse.

•Lenae J. Freeland to Vicki R. and Marcus D. Freeland.

•Liam A. Hendry to Lauren J. Hendry.

•Liam C. Mason to Nicole J. and Christopher A. Mason.

•Liam F. Brisentine to Heather N. Brisentine.

•Lillian E. Stuckey to Allison L. and Jarred D. Stuckey.

•Lillian R. Grinager to Emily D. and Michael P. Grinager.

•Lilly A. Fritz to Sara B. and Kevin L. Fritz.

•Linn Myatthway to Phyo Win Thu and Pan Aye.

•Mackenzie E. Johnstone to Vicki R. and Scott A. Johnstone.

•Maison E. O'Hair to Erica J. O'Hair.

•Makayla A. Jones to Briana M. Jones.

•Marley L. Davis to Amanda L. and Jason J. Davis.

•Max T. Kauffman to Rachel R. and Thomas E. Kauffman.

•Maxwell D. Walburn and Shelly K. McVea and Joseph Walburn.

•Mazzy O. Kean to Sarah R. and Christopher J. Kean.

•Mckinley D. Carpenter to Corey R. Martin and Matthew A. Carpenter.

•Michael D. Henderson Jr. to Latashey M. Pickett and Michael D. Henderson Sr.

•Michael J. Shorter Jr. to Heidi L. and Michael J. Shorter.

•Michelle G. Prudenciano to Palmira Sanchez and Jonnhy Prudenciano.

•Miles A. Paden to Rebecca M. and Joshua M. Paden.

•Miles D. Hardy to Kelly A. and Jonathan D. Hardy.

•Myah M. Jones to Maria A. Beck and RJ Jones.

•Myla S. Coleman-Horton and Mytrell J. Horton-McGlaston Jr. to Olivia B. Coleman and Mytrell J. Horton-McGlaston.

•Naomi L. Taylor to Latisha L. Thompson and Lloyd D. Taylor Jr.

•Niang M. Ngaihphen to Niang H. Dim and Cin L. Mang.

•Olivia L. Threats to Victorolyn A. Threats.

•Paisley D. Carter to Ashlee D. and Riley A. Carter.

•Paisley L. Slain to Crystal J. Cramer and Jacob R. Slain.

•Preston E. O'Neal to Alicia N. and Edmond C. O'Neal III.

•Ramiah H. Walker to Siriah N. Brown and Raheem C. Walker.

•Reed A. Godt to Jennie M. and Jason E. Godt.

•Remington F. Capps to Lauren E. Kerr and Fredrick J. Capps.

•Roman Aguilera to Maria Vallejo and Rene Aguilera.

•Sawyer P. Potter to Megan E. and Scott D. Potter.

•Sean E. Parrent to Megan G. Parrent.

•Smith W. Runkel to Pauletta K. and Kevin L. Runkel.

•Sofia G. Buendia to Adriana Buendia.

•Theodore E. Koehl to Monica E. and Stanley M. Koehl.

•Tie Leeah K. Williams to Rashanta T. Williams.

•Titus C. Furlong to Melissa D. and Nathan J. Furlong.

•Titus M. Martin Jr. to Rashaundra S. Upshaw and Titus M. Martin.

•Treylen T. Bates to Danielle L. Bates.

•Van J. Thang to Khin T. Htwe and Billy C. Thang.

•Violet N. Burd to Lynsey C. and Andrew J. Burd.

•Vivian G. Weaver to Mary J. Liberty and Christopher J. Weaver.

•William S. Housten to Cynthia D. and Alexander J. Housten.

•Willow S. Coyer to Michelle L. Hoy and Mark S. Coyer.

•Wren M. Hornbarger to Kristen M. and Joel M. Hornbarger.

•Xavery M. Bokhart to Heather M. and Gordon D. Bokhart.

•Yiani C. Raptis to Anastasia and George S. Raptis.

•Yovanni R. Martinez-Garcia to Luisa A. Bueno and Jose L. Martinez-Garcia.

•Zoey M. Lewis to Kenya L. Clancy and Marques D. Lewis.