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Area births, through Dec. 16

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 10:30 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 16. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Raleigh W. Schoon to Alissa K. and Corey J. Schoon.


•Jennifer M. Williams to Sheri A. Williams.

•Kathryn E. Miles to Lauren M. Miles and Joshua S. Kerner.

•Madison J. Yeggie to Jennifer S. and Matthew D. Yeggie.

•Quinn L. Counterman to Lindsay A. and Dustin C. Counterman.


•Steven J. Strahm III to April M. and Steven J. Strahm Jr.


•Evalynn R. Clingan to Kathryn R. and Jonathan E. Clingan.

•Jayden L. Mills to Angela L. and Jason C. Mills.


•Nevaeh J. Hampshire to Tabitha S. Byrd and Ren P. Hampshire.


•Eli R. McCartney to Rebekah M. and Matthew J. McCartney.

•Khloe L. Bertsch to Sonya L. and Bradley D. Bertsch.

•Kyla F. Isch to Darcy A. and Brent A. Isch.

•Sean R. Kelly to Femy D. and William L. Kelly.


•Aaren A. Vining to Alyssa M. Vining.

•Courtney E. Miller to Kristi L. and Corey N. Miller.

•Vada J. Leitch to Jana D. and Nicholas Leitch.

Columbia City

•Aiden R. Neuenschwander to Dana L. and Eric D. Neuenschwander.

•Annabelle S. Knafel to Kimberly S. and Dustin M. Knafel.

•Taliah N. Frazier to April L. and Scott E. Frazier.


•Brantley A. Seddelmeyer to Tessa M. Hart and Andrew C. Seddelmeyer.

•Bristol R. Eggeman to Erica L. McBride and Matthew G. Eggeman.

•Ellie J. Stoppenhagen to Heather R. and Drew D. Stoppenhagen.

•Isla M. Baker to Nicole A. and Matthew J. Baker.

•Michael W. Wickey to Elizabeth E.T. and David A.M. Wickey.


•Kingsley D. Karr to Nichole A. and Dustin M. Karr.

•Quinn M. Reed to Brittany L. and Joseph M. Reed.


•Barbara D. Graber to Amanda E. and Daniel B. Graber.

•Matthew J. Graber to Lydia A. and Jonas A. Graber.

•Rebecca C. Eicher to Martha S. and Chris D. Eicher.


•Kendra N. Brandenberger to Marlene K. and William Brandenberger Jr.

•Kennedy F. Benzinger to Andrea M. Benzinger.

•Landon D. Schmucker to Laura A. and Marcus D. Schmucker.

•Noah C. Leverton to Ashlee N. Leverton.


•Ava K. Sellers to Ashley D. and Jeffry D. Sellers.


•Maddox D. Franz to Sarah A. and Brian D. Franz.


•Miranda N. Carmona to Cheryl L. and Ramiro Carmona.


•Avalou R. Davila to Heather M. and Rafael A. Davila.

•Kaleb R. Hodges to Amber N. and Justin L. Hodges.


•Bentley A. Holbrook to Sarah A. Raber and Kameron J. Holbrook.

•Carter A. Baker to Annie C. and Brad A. Baker.

•Hailey A. Brauneller to Grace M. and Brian L. Brauneller.

•Samson A. Dinius to Hannah C. and Dale A. Dinius.

•Scarlett J. Teusch to Nicole L. and Samuel F. Teusch.


•Carolyn J. Osborn to Elizabeth J. and Zacharee P. Osborn.


•Hunter G. Holloway to Abby L. and Joseph M. Holloway.


•Dominick P. D'agostino to Cristy L. and Carl D'agostino.

•Sophia G. Papiak to Ariana G. and William E. Papiak.


•Annisia L. Brown to Jamie M. and William D. Brown.

•Savannah G. Jessie to Karen B. Glusenkamp and Steven R. Jessie Jr.


•Teresa E. Schwartz to Emalene R. and Alvin K. Schwartz.


•Lukas J. Riley to Britny M. Kimber and Dustin M. Riley.

•Oliver L. Kean to Stacy N. and Andrew J. Kean.

New Haven

•Caliyah E. Knox to Rebekah C. Knox.

•Emma E. Elam to Baile C. Elam and Daniel T. Dubea.

•Kale B. Dommer to Natasha L. and Zachary D. Dommer.

•Kenneth A. Phifer to Jes M. Thompson and Thomas T. Phifer.

•Liam M. Marschand to Totianna A. Roenneburg and Jeffery A. Marschand.

•Lucille M. Andrews to Katherine M. and Spencer R. Andrews.

•Madeleine J. Hoering to Wendy D. and Justin S. Hoering.

•Regina R. Schwartz to Mary B. and Marcus J. Schwartz.

•Sara R. Schwartz to Dorothy J. and Jacob E. R. Schwartz.

North Manchester

•Evelyn L. Poston to Emily J. and Seth M. Poston.

•Jaeda A. Jagger to Kinsey B. Julian and Christopher M. Jagger.

•Mia N. Edgecomb to Nelda D. and Darin P. Edgecomb.


•Mackenzie K. Stantz to Megan K. Stimpson and Johnathon L. Stantz.

•Mckenna L. Dunwiddie to Danica R. and Shane M. Dunwiddie.

Pleasant Lake

•Olivia G. Days to Caitlin M. and Curtis J. Days.


•Alyssa R. Shoffner to Shannon M. and Mark A. Shoffner.

South Whitley

•Addison L. Alger to Chelsey L. and Tanner N. Alger.


•Azander B. Dingus to Lori A. and Joshua D. Dingus.

•Delainey H. Murphy to Casey L. Pauwels and Daniel H. Murphy.

•Hanley S. Kimmerling to Rebecca M. and Stephen K. Kimmerling.

•Maddison C. Sturgill to Elaine B. and Joseph A. Sturgill.


•Gabriella Q. Fender to Casey J. Chorpenning and Dustin M. Fender.


•Alvin D. Yoder to Lydia S. and Dennis E. Yoder.


•Tyler M. Feipel to Marissa J. and Matthew C. Feipel.


•Dominic C. Marsicano to Michelle E. and Anthony D. Marsicano.