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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The Rant

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Saturday, December 22, 2012 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Mr. Romney's plan to create 3 million jobs per year was well publicized. Fewer regulations and lower taxes on business, drilling for oil in North America, digging up the coal and shale and using natural gas that is abundant in the United States in order to get our country energy-independent. There you go, Mr. Obama.

Fort Wayne Trails gets a grant from the federal government. Is that socialism? A grant for a new road. A grant for water filtration plants. A grant for schools. A grant to fix old bridges. You would not survive without federal help. Socialism, I don't think so.

To the ranter about tar and sand on Lima Road. The asphalt has surface cracks. The tar fills the cracks so no water gets in. No cracks (equals) no potholes. No potholes, no repair cost or ruined alignments. Maybe next time they won't use sand, and you can complain about tar all over your vehicle.

When is (City) Councilman John Crawford going to admit that he's running for mayor?

President Obama may have won the election, but so did our Republicans in Congress. That shows me that the people want checks and balances and some control over a president … .

Republican National Committee equals sore losers. Grand Old Party equals spoiled sports. Grow up! Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan are rolling over in their graves because of your un-American conduct. You are not representing the people!

My former political party, swift-boated a presidential candidate and now wrongly smeared a possible secretary of state. Help me understand: Where has their integrity gone? Win at all costs. For what? For whom?

John McCain, Vietnam War hero, 1973. Fast forward to GOP candidate, sore, angry loser in 2008, (and recently) cynical, vengeful in 2012. He is continually going from bad to worse, besmirching the reputation of an American, U.N. Secretary Susan Rice, who would do right for the country.

Can you union people spell disenfranchise? It is what happens to Republicans when they happen to be in a union, since their dues support people they don't vote for.

One could also say public schools are stealing money from taxpayers who want to send their children to better schools. Public-school spending is out of control, and they aren't teaching children as much as indoctrinating them.

I'm tired of all the editorial and letter writers who just complain all of the time. They think they have all of the answers. Quit hiding behind your keyboards. Actions speak louder than words. Go work with kids or adults who need help. Get out of your chairs and do something.

I'm tired of conservative ranters who call liberals names in their rants, or who say that liberals think about conservatives with those same names. Please make your points in civil ways. People of both parties can be thoughtful and make respectful suggestions. Using names belittles your ideas.

When people think of the state of Indiana and college football, they think of Notre Dame. When they think of college hoops, they think of IU. That leaves “Pur-who” nowhere.


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