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NFL Power Poll: All hail the great Peyton

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Patriots slip after home loss to 49ers

Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 6:20 am

1. Broncos. Give it up for the great Peyton Manning. Still the best in the biz.

2. 49ers. They went to Foxboro and won, despite Brady's comeback. That's big.

3. Patriots. Losing to the 49ers probably only makes them mad. Pity the Jags this week.

4. Texans. I'm pretty sure J.J. Watt also sacked Andrew Luck in the parking lot after last week's game.

5. Packers. They're so good now, even Mike Ditka is ready to don a cheese-head hat.

6. Falcons. Atlanta gets angry, whips on Giants, returns to Super Bowl race.

7. Seahawks. Ready for Sunday night coming-out party versus 49ers.

8. Redskins. In the year of great rookie quarterbacks, they've even got an extra one.

9. Colts. Chuck Pagano expected to return next week to a newly minted playoff team.

10. Bengals. Cincy plays the Steelers with playoffs on the line. What more can you ask for?

11. Ravens. They rank 26th in rushing defense. That's a stunning statistic.

12. Giants. Did I say they were “playoff ready” last week? Must have been the cough medicine talking.

13. Vikings. You've got to love Adrian Peterson. What a story.

14. Steelers. I have to believe desperate Steelers are going to be dangerous Steelers.

15. Cowboys. I'm starting to think the Cowboys are getting better. What's wrong with me?

16. Da Bears. Guess it's time to change their name to Dud Bears.

17. Rams. St. Louis still has a chance to finish with winning record.

18. Saints. Still have to wonder what might have been this season with Sean Payton.

19. Buccaneers. Is it just me or does this free fall feel like last season all over again?

20. Browns. They finish at Denver and Pittsburgh. That doesn't sound like fun.

21. Panthers. Reports of Cam Newton's decline have been greatly exaggerated.

22. Bills. They visit the Dolphins this week in game only diehard fans could love.

23. Dolphins. They host the Bills this week in game only diehard fans could love.

24. Jets. Free Tim Tebow! Free Tim Tebow! Free Tim Tebow! Just not to my team.

25. Raiders. Oakland pitched a shutout last week. Reality check: It was against the Chiefs.

26. Chargers. After a long season, I've run out of ways to slam the Chargers.

27. Eagles. To finish off one horrible season, consecutive games versus Redskins and Giants.

28. Cardinals. That beat-down of the Detroit Lions felt good, even if the Lions were sleepwalking.

29. Titans. New sales pitch: We're not as pathetic as the Jets!

30. Lions. May the Schwartz be with you. And by “you,” I mean a moving van.

31. Jaguars. Bearing down on the Chiefs for that No.1 draft pick.

32. Chiefs. They could get the No.1 draft pick a year late to do anything with it.