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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum. The readers’ views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. The county is simply wasting taxpayer time and dollars trying to come up with a new ethics policy for employees. As long as we are subjected to one-party (Republican) rule, no matter what the offense by Republican Party officeholders, like the Moss/Fries fiasco, it will simply be another “whitewash.”

Childish IU/PU rants? I … did graduate from Purdue. These rants are just tongue-in-cheeks digs. Nothing personal, just fun smack talk, so lighten up.

In previous days, those deemed dangerous to society were separated to protect us. Now it seems many are observed, hoping they will take their medication and do no harm. Perhaps psychiatry should re-evaluate its role and purpose. Nonprofessionals knew Adam Lanza had a serious problem.

Parents, please, take all the video games involving killing and death away from your children and destroy them. … Write game makers and tell them you are done with their trash. Life has no reset button. Care about your child. Let’s work to avoid another Connecticut school tragedy.

There is so much violence in movies and videos today. … Producers need to start taking responsibility for what they put out into the media. They seem to want to outdo each other in gore and sensationalism; all for the mighty dollar. There needs to be responsible gun control. No one needs automatic weapons for personal protection.

Jeers to the … (a local high school’s) varsity boys basketball team for skipping the school songs, moment of silence for the Connecticut victims and national anthem before (a recent) Saturday’s home game. Was the discussion in the locker room really worth this exhibition of poor sportsmanship, insensitivity and anti-patriotism?

The editorial writer who claims the GI bill is an entitlement is confused. That bill is part of the compensation package of our service members who earn it sacrificing time out of their lives and often their blood. Money well paid by a grateful nation, not an entitlement. Thank you to all service members past and present.

It’s time for Republicans to go ahead and raise taxes on the wealthy. When they do, remind people to pay attention to the result at the next election and notice it accomplished nothing as far as debt reduction. The Obama cult can’t be convinced their freebies can’t be paid for by somebody else.

Here it comes after a terrible murder spree, the call for more gun laws. We have hundreds of good gun laws but they are not enforced so what good are more, other than to feel good. We must demand mandatory lengthy sentences for any crime committed with a gun.

Bad coaching by Tom Crean against Butler. Why did he not leave Cody Zeller in the last few seconds to possibly block a shot? They should never had been No. 1 anyway!

The American public is truly amazing. We supply our children with realistic combat simulation games that teach them to stalk and kill fellow human beings for fun and reward. Then we provide laser tag and paintball venues to let them practice the killing skills in real time with real people. And lastly we are appalled when one of them puts the acquired skills to practice at a local mall or school with our easily accessible weapons and ammo that we keep in our homes.

The Connecticut school tragedy shows what happens when we remove God from public schools and legalize things like contraception and abortion. President Obama weeps over the 20 children killed, yet he supports the murder of millions of others through abortion.

The way to cut the (federal) deficit is to start dropping so much aid to those who insist on being in America illegally without any intent to become a citizen. Also, start cutting off foreign aid to those countries who hate us so much and think we are evil.

When are we going to face the fact that guns cause way more problems than they solve. Wake up, America!

Mr. Mourdock. I would say that you losing the election and being in (campaign) debt … is something that God intended.

President Obama was right. America needs to change, but not as he visualizes by removing guns. Society needs to change. We need to monitor the emotionally handicapped. Why would a mother buy five guns and have her disturbed son learn to shoot? Psychiatrists and religious should step up and take a leading role.

I was deeply saddened by the tragic events in Newtown, but I was also glad to see the president not try to get political mileage at the memorial speech, unlike the talking heads on the Sunday morning “Face the Nation”-type shows.

How much longer will Americans tolerate the killing of school children whether by deranged gunmen or Predator Drones? Sadly, like Bob Dylan sang 50 years ago, “the answer is blowing in the wind.”

Quit blaming guns for every tragedy involving them. It is our moral decline problem that is to blame. … Allow God back into the classroom! End abortion and contraception!

The tragedy in Connecticut is horrifying but it is not surprising in a nation that embraces contraception, abortion, gay marriage and euthanasia and removes God from the classroom. Connecticut is one of the few states that allows gay marriage. Tougher gun control isn’t going to fix the problem.

I received four fliers (magazines) from a local chocolate company in the last month. Love their product, and I would buy it more if I could. Stop the fliers and lower your price some. ... Just saying.

A union ranter thinks retail people (who freely choose their jobs) are cattle going nowhere. But the union people are lemmings being led by their … leaders over the cliff, along with the rest of us, sad to say.

Guns don’t kill people, but they do make it more efficient to kill more people in less time.

Mark Souder needs to go away. What a sad need for attention.

Too bad we have to be crowded like sardines on the No. 8 bus to Glenbrook. We stand all day at work. Need we pay $3 a day to stand more?

LOL, toilet bowl bid or not, at least Purdue got a bowl, and the Old Oaken Bucket. IU gets the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” bowl.

With the shootings in Connecticut, let’s look at it this way. How many would have died if teachers could have shot back? Instead of taking firearms away from law-abiding people, why not regulate everyone … is obligated to carry a firearm and use it when the time calls?


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