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Fort Wayne births, through Dec. 30

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 8:00 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 30.

Fort Wayne

•Adrian S. Cantu to Anita D. and Mario A. Cantu.

•Aedan A. Mahoney to Sara A. and Aaron J. Mahoney.

•Alexander P. Lozano to Amber I. and Francisco J. Lozano.

•Alexzander T. Lundy to Trivodka L. Lundy.

•Alistair K. Menefee to Kchawrrisa D. Sims and Albert L. Menefee Jr.

•Alivia J. Talley to Atoya K. Armstrong and Dameon R. Talley.

•Amaurion L. King to Alisha D. King.

•Ambrose R. Tuonyon Jr. to Tywandaya M. Moore-Tuonyon and Rotherham B. Tuonyon.

•Amiyiah J. Bowers to Janazia K. Wilson and Denzel S. Bowers.

•Andrew C. Trampe to Andrea C. and Heath A. Trampe.

•Andrew R. McCollister to Amy M. and Kevin A. McCollister.

•Angad Chauhan to Sonia and Lakhwinder Chauhan.

•Aria M. Baker to Krista R. Baker.

•Ariah G. Deans to Tirzah A. and Jonathan L. Deans.

•Arriyanna L. Lapsley to Komecia T. Taylor and Artist L. Lapsley.

•Asher J. Kinnie to Stacie J. Fackler and Kristin A. Kinnie.

•Ashlyn M. Schaller to Renae M. and Jeffrey L. Schaller.

•Austin J. Fisher to Kami K. and James D. Fisher.

•Avalina E. Olguin to Joanna and Jorge A. Olguin.

•Avery M. Amin to Robin L. and Kinjal V. Amin.

•Avianna R. Garcia to Jessica K. Garcia.

•Ayona A. Belton to Danita Ward and Anthony Belton.

•Ayvah N. Rosales to Jessica N. Rosales.

•Bentley C. Hammond to Ceiara D. Bright and Chase C. Hammond.

•Bonnie A. Hanefeld to Stephanie B. O'Shaughnessy and Andrew J. Hanefeld.

•Braxton T. Thieme to Shaunna M. and Dustin M. Thieme.

•Brithany Chavez to Teresa Rosas and Samuel Chavez.

•Bryson C. Smith to Amanda L. and Korey R. Smith.

•Bryson R. Murphy to Alexis J. and Bryan D. Murphy.

•Cal W. Gorman to Meredith M. and Chase W. Gorman.

•Carmella A. Farias to Lisa R. and Salvador Farias III.

•Carson A. Walda to Megan M. Donnelly and Collin R. Walda.

•Catherine G. Willenbrock to Emily G. and William K. Willenbrock.

•Chance R. Berger to Tiara M. and Justin R. Berger.

•Chloe L. Thrush to Nikki J. and Nicholas K. Thrush.

•Christohper Wah to Nawnaw Mu and Saw H. Wah.

•Christopher R. Campbell to Rachel E. and William L. Campbell Jr.

•Clayton J. Taulbee to Melissa C. Bryant and James J. Taulbee.

•Cohen E. Garrett to Laura L. and John M. Garrett.

•Corabella G. Kessler to Nicole R. and John R. Kessler.

•Cordney L. Wilhite Jr. to Chelsi C. and Cordney L. Wilhite.

•Courtlyn N. Stratton to Cynthia R. and Curtis A. Stratton.

•Crew M. Meyers to Shannon S. and Luke M. Meyers.

•Cristin A. Ulrey to Brittany A. McDaniel and Chris J. Ulrey.

•Crysianah S. Lanier to Ankwanesha D. Lanier.

•Davyn L. Bryant to Krystal L. Underwood and David T. Bryant III.

•Daylen R. Lawson to Destiney P. Lawson.

•Deacon G. Hendrickson to Janell R. and Ryan P. Hendrickson.

•Declan K. Cook to Katie K. and Kasey J. Cook.

•Destinee A. Garcia to Jessica L. Hoppe and Miguel A. Garcia.

•Dhanvi Gollapalli to Eswari Sai Sirisha Sanakkayala and Pattabhi Ramaiah Gollapalli.

•Eduardo D. Folgar to Enriqueta B. Folgar Chamale and Toribio E. Herrera Flores.

•Eli M. Meeks to Elisabeth A. Gifford and Nicholas J. Meeks.

•Elizabeth A. Federspiel to Annie M. and Benjamin J. Federspiel.

•Emily K. Hartman to Lindsay M. and Joseph J. Hartman.

•Ennis L. Brown III to Lisa K. Franko and Ennis L. Brown Jr.

•Enzo A. Duval to Rita D. Deshong and Michael E. Duval.

•Epimenio Rodriguez to Maria D. Macias and Epimenio Rodriguez.

•Farase Yar to Kati Zar and Rama Sar Ali.

•Graham M. Loos to Tonja R. and Clayton J. Loos.

•Haven E. Cabrera to Kyli T. and Mark A. Cabrera.

•Hayden D. Everette to Anna J. and Kurt D. Everette.

•Henry J. Crandal to Jennie G. and Jason K. Crandal.

•Henry M. Sitko to Abigail A. and Kurt E. Sitko.

•I Nalaynah M. Manning to Minka S. Manning.

•Isaac M. Bolinger to Nicole L. and Craig M. Bolinger.

•Isaiha M. Andress to Jennifer L. Lambert and Charles J. Andress.

•Ivan A. English to Jennifer N. and Eric M. English.

•Jackson D. Robinett and James I. Robinett to Kylee S. and John A. Robinett.

•Jacob N. Ankenbruck to Kara W. and Nicholas L. Ankenbruck.

•Jaeden M. Duddy to Heather N. and Jeremy R. Duddy.

•Jakiyah D. Chapman to Keondra D. Chapman.

•Jami La to Thida Lwin and Kyaw Y. Lwin.

•Janay L. Jones to Stacia S. Jones.

•Jaxsen S. Arnold to Deidre E. and Tate R. Arnold.

•Jeffery L. Edwards III to Shaholinie I. Marbury and Jeffery L. Edwards II.

•Jennifer E. Keesler to Rachelle E. and Jason E. Keesler.

•Jocelynn M. Grabner to Jaima L. and Mark F. Grabner.

•Jonathan A. Fraizer to Jennifer L. and Bart L. Fraizer.

•Jordon J. Kidd to Lakesha D. Wims and Napoleon Kidd.

•Joshua L. Miller to Amber E. and Russell J. Miller.

•Josiah D. Wolff to Amy J. and Michael S. Wolff.

•Kaileigh J. Cassel to Carmen J. Davis and Lantae B. Cassel Sr.

•Kamille D. Harris to Darnita R. Bates and Kory D. Harris.

•Keira N. Krouse to Nicole L. and Andrew J. Krouse.

•Kenneth D. Washington to Ethel L. Washington.

•Kimberly A. Bills to Leah C. Goeglein and Paul J. Bills.

•Kimberly P. Lopez to Annabel and Miguel Lopez.

•Liam A. Tallent to Laura E. and Adam M. Tallent.

•London Salazar to Yolanda and Sergio A. Salazar.

•Louis M. Hunnicutt to Andrey D. and Matthew D. Hunnicutt.

•Louis S. Greene Jr. to Nikisha L. Gray and Louis S. Greene.

•Lucas D. Vazquez to Milvia L. and Onofre Vazquez.

•Lucian M. Woodward to Elizabeth S. and Bryan L. Woodward.

•Macie M. Barile to Melinda N. and Michael A. Barile.

•Madeline C. Kartholl to Adrianne C. and Matthew V. Kartholl.

•Malak E. Al-Koli to Farida M. Saleh and Ebrahim A. Al-Koli.

•Margaret J. Houghtaling to Andrea M. and Andrew M. Houghtaling.

•Marshawn A. Moore II to Shakerra L. Johnson and Marshawn A. Moore.

•Mase L. Rizvanovic to Jessica C. Vazquez Maldonado and Fahrudin Rizvanovic.

•Matthew R. West Jr. to Tracy A. and Matthew R. West Sr.

•Miley N. Ruballos to Rosa D. Gonzalez and Noe M. Ruballos.

•Mischa M. Karbach to Amanda M. Lewis and Noah A. Karbach.

•Muhammad Hidayat to Skay Da and Sakare Ya.

•Nathan G. Moran to Maricruz Moran Galindo and Gerardo Cuellar Vivar.

•Niang Siancing to Niang and Kap H. Lian.

•Nicholas K. Hartman to Stephanie R. and Ronald F. Hartman.

•Nicholas M. Shirey to Tiffany N. Delger and Robert M. Shirey.

•Nicole K. Hilgeford to Melinda K. and Kurtis L. Hilgeford.

•Niecha D. Rugsaken and Thanwa D. Rugsaken to Roongnapa and Pitak Rugsaken.

•Noeli Y. Salazar to Magali Salazar Castillo and Jacinto Barrios.

•Nuam E. Cing to Niang N. Nuam and Khup L. Nang.

•Olajuwon A. Leshore II to Tonya L. Doughty and Olajuwon A. Leshore.

•Oliver J. Nusbaum to Kelly A. and Jonathan H. Nusbaum.

•Parker J. Haft to Megan A. and Andrew C. Haft.

•Peyton J. Portee to Tocarra D. Williams and Gregory J. Portee.

•Peyton M. Manson to Rachel R. and Eric J. Manson.

•Quentayia G. Snowden to Veronica L. Taylor and Quentin D. Snowden.

•Remi E. Daley to Mallari L. and Ryne P. Daley.

•Robben L. Ramos to Ma A. Lagos Ramos.

•Robert X. Schortgen to Samantha L. and Adam C. Schortgen.

•Ryan A. Gonzalez to Erika Gonzalez and Oscar D. Torres Gonzalez.

•Samuel E. Weaver to Elizabeth E. and Ross E. Weaver.

•Scarlett M. Snowball to Carmen M. Bunt-Snowball and Robert D. Snowball Jr.

•Spencer B. Hardiek to Amy L. Bryan and Marcus S. Hardiek.

•Spencer M. McGinnis to Marissa A. McGinnis.

•Stella N. Kerley to Sarah L. and Kyle A. Kerley.

•Taniya A. Sanders to Talisha S. and Troy E. Sanders.

•Teagan R. Harshman to Jennifer L. and Mitch E. Harshman.

•Thaddeus J. Tomkinson to Karyn J. and Todd C. Tomkinson.

•Tommy R. Watson to Heather R. Rebeck and Anthony D. Watson.

•Trey J. Grimm to Julie M. Grimm and Austin J. Hutchens.

•Tyrone L. Bennett Jr. to Deyaka S. Starks and Tyrone L. Bennett.

•William O. Wallace to Kasey M. and Brandin R. Wallace.

•Zane M. Storer to Andrea M. Davis and Joshua R. Storer.

•Zoe E. Collins to Danielle I. and William N. Collins.