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Thursday August 27, 2015
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Fort Wayne spinach balls sell on QVC

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To get spinach balls

To find out more about spinach balls and the available varieties, go to www.spinachball.com. Spinach balls can be ordered through that site.

Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 12:01 am

Fort Wayne food entrepreneur Trina Khadoo and the spinach balls she created debuted on QVC this week.

Khadoo said she isn't allowed to discuss sales, and no one from QVC, the cable-shopping channel, responded to a request Friday to discuss the first appearance of spinach balls for sale to a nationwide audience. However, Khadoo sounded upbeat Friday about her appearance.

“It was an exhausting day, but we did well,” she said.

Although Khadoo had no experience on television before, she was part of the 6-minute selling period when the spinach balls were featured on QVC as part of an “eating smart” segment devoted to healthy – or at least healthier-sounding – foods.

Khadoo said she doesn't know yet when or whether the spinach balls will have a return engagement on QVC.

Spinach balls are simple, full of ingredients that appeal to many. She and her helpers combine spinach, bread crumbs, spices and herbs in spheres about the size of a golf ball. They fill them with cheese or cheese and bacon, or they omit the stuffing entirely.