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Fort Wayne using solar power for traffic signs

Monday, January 7, 2013 - 3:06 pm

The city of Fort Wayne has installed solar-powered blinking stop signs at Covington and Smith Roads. The signs replace the old-style blinker that can still be seen hanging above the three-way intersection.

Shan Gunawardena, city traffic engineer, said the solar signs were chosen because there were so many other power lines in the area that installing another blinker could have been problematic. The new signs cost about $1,600 apiece to install, but once they are up and running they are low-maintenance and should last 10 years.

A similar set of signs is located at Monarch Drive and Maplecrest Road on the city's north side. The city has also installed two solar crosswalks, one by the Neighborhood Health clinic on South Calhoun Street and another crossing Spring Street to the University of Saint Francis.