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Cheap Shots: What's worse than Rex Ryan tattoo?

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Meanwhile, Ray Lewis is still a dancing fool

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 5:34 am

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan raised some eyebrows when photographers caught him sporting a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. That leads to a philosophical question: Is there a worse job than being one of the paparazzi photographing Ryan on a beach?

Dance the season away

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis recorded 13 tackles in his final home game, a playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts. While he hasn't decided on a post-football career yet, there is talk about him starring in a new show, “Dancing with the Scars.”

Moving forward?

The Chicago Cubs were close to signing a deal that would bring them pitcher Dontrelle Willis. Willis definitely has the potential to win as many games in 2013 as Ferguson Jenkins.

Money can buy bygones

Free-agent designated hitter Lance Berkman once criticized the Texas Rangers, but said he is prepared to “let bygones be bygones” if he passes a physical to finalize a one-year deal with the team. Bygones are now going for $10 million per year.

It's not so bad here

Houston Rockets rookie Royce White was suspended by the team for “refusing to provide services” when he wouldn't accept his assignment to the NBA D-League. He has an anxiety disorder that may or may not be related to fear of back-to-back games in Fort Wayne and/or Erie, Pa.

Hockey has arrived, anyone awake?

The NHL has resolved its labor dispute and will start the 2013 season within two weeks. Die-hard NHL fans are thrilled, and the three of them plan to share a cab to the season opener.

It's all about learning

The seven Catholic schools planning to leave the Big East to form a new conference expect to double their money with a television deal. See, as usual, it's all about what's best for the student-athlete and integrity of college sports.

Duck, this pun's bad

Oregon football coach Chip Kelly talked with NFL teams about their head coaching vacancy but sources say he'll return to the Ducks. I was going to make fun of Kelly looking at other jobs while the NCAA investigates Oregon recruiting, but I decided against taking a Chip Shot.

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