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BBQ spot in Richmond helps longtime breakfast spot

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Paulee Restaurant invited to serve temporarily out of Firehouse BBQ & Blues

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 12:01 am

RICHMOND — An eastern Indiana restaurant has opened its doors and its kitchen to a popular breakfast joint driven from its longtime location by a dangerous wall.

Paulee Restaurant closed its doors Dec. 24 after a brick wall it shares with an adjoining Richmond business was found to be in danger of collapse. But the owners of the Firehouse BBQ & Blues opened their doors to Paulee's staff, allowing the eatery to use its space until the wall is repaired.

Firehouse BBQ & Blues serves lunch and dinner. Co-owner Tom Broyles told the Richmond Palladium-Item newspaper he feels good about allowing the breakfast eatery that opened in Richmond in 1948 to use its space.

The Firehouse installed a counter for Paulee's customers, and the two restaurants began sharing space and a kitchen Monday.