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Wednesday September 17, 2014
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Fort Wayne births, through Jan. 13

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 9:11 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Jan. 13.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah I. Kelsaw to Erica S. Reed and Jarvis D. Kelsaw.

•Abdihakiim Y. Abdirahman to Saadia H. Mohamed and Yahya A. Abukar.

•Abigail I. Hartman to Kelly K. and Jared P. Hartman.

•Addison P. Pranger to Katelyn E. and David A. Pranger.

•Adriana L. Swick to Nicole C. and Jeremy A. Swick.

•Adrianna R. Carswell to Jeanine S. Crawford and Gabriel L. Carswell.

•Aimeesue R. Angle to Katherine E. and Ian M. Angle.

•Akshath Y. Thiyag to Deepika Shanmughan and Thiyagarajan Ganesh.

•Alaya K. Terrell to Kierstin A. Terrell.

•Alex Carmona to Nancy Puebla-Garcia and Miguel A. Carmona.

•Allison J. Galbraith and Savannah L. Galbraith to Nicole A. and Joseph D. Galbraith.

•Allison P. Aker to Jill M. and Jeremy M. Aker.

•Alvaro E. Hernandez to Guadalupe C. Ramirez and Alvaro M. Hernandez.

•Amariana A. Prophet to Ashley M. Renner and Edward V. Prophet.

•Amiyah G. Stewart to Annette L. Stewart.

•Andrea M. Reid to Bianca R. Reid.

•Andrew J. Stephens to April N. Charlton and Andre D. Stephens.

•Andrew M. Scott to Jacklyn C. Cuellar and Adam M. Scott.

•Andrew U. Kline to Brittany M. and Joshua W. Kline.

•Angeles Y. Hahn to Patricia A. Hahn.

•Anna L. Fisher to Kati L. Chapel and Aaron J. Fisher.

•Annabelle G. Gressley to Emily E. Gressley and Ronald A. Bowers.

•Annabelle R. Gorsuch to Erin K. Jefferies and Terry L. Gorsuch.

•Annmarie L. Folds to Jennifer N. Folds.

•Anya N. Taylor to Rebecca A. Taylor.

•Arthur J. Quintana to Sonia and Arturo Quintana.

•Ashten M. Walker to Michelle K. Chase and Robert T. Walker.

•Aubrey A. Perry to Bianca L. Perry.

•Audrey M. Mendez and Faith R. Mendez to Grace A. and John A. Mendez.

•Ava J. Daseler to Kelly M. and Colin J. Daseler.

•Avari L. Aung to Elizabeth Aung.

•Avayah M. Hollis to Ashley M. and Alvin R. Hollis.

•Beckett M. Sharer to Kathryn M. and Ian M. Sharer.

•Benaiah G. Rwakazina to Comfort K. Mbabazi and Michel Rwakazina.

•Boaz T. Schlicker to Jennifer L. and Tavis J. Schlicker.

•Brandon A. Munoz to Miriam B. Monterroso and Jorge A. Munoz.

•Braxton J. Sikes to Jodi M. and Brian J. Sikes.

•Braxton R. Zern to Rachel M. Johnson and Brandon R. Zern.

•Brogan J. Conard to Stephanie M. Reith and Bruce E. Conard.

•Cai E. Hodges-Brooks to Elizabeth L. Hodges and Carlos A. Brooks.

•Camden J. Branock to Samantha J. and Cameron A. Branock.

•Canaan H. Htoo to Min Y. Htoo.

•Carl A. Johnson III to Shiyonna M. Smith and Carl A. Johnson Jr.

•Carlos A. Moreno Jr. to Amanda R. Hernandez and Carlos A. Moreno Sr.

•Carter D. Troyer to Melinda F. and Cory S. Troyer.

•Cashis G. Fugate to Ciara M. Anderson and Gabriel J. Fugate.

•Chantel N. Duffey to Alyssa K. Kerns and Keith S. Duffey Jr.

•Christian A. Byus to Stephanine B. Byus.

•Christian M. Tiberius to Audrey L. and Benjamin T. Tiberius.

•Christopher A. Barnes to Kristin N. Poole and Jason A. Barnes.

•Christopher B. Gibbs to Sarah N. Carpenter and Collin B. Gibbs.

•Clover L. Spain to Natalie S. and Mason P. Spain.

•Conner M. Wyss to Katherine A. Kuras and Ty A. Wyss.

•Conner P. Crawford to Celina N. Douglas and John P. Crawford.

•Cooper A. Runser to Tiana R. Connett and Jeremiah A. Runser.

•Cooper J. Neuenschwander to Alana L. Bell and Daryl G. Neuenschwander.

•Crew J. Cattin to Amber L. Denny and Daniel J. Cattin.

•Dahlila M. Poffenberger to Merscedes R. Gamble and Andrew J. Poffenberger.

•Dakayla M. Masterson to Kenosha A. Shepherd and Demetrius L. Masterson.

•Damian R. Villarreal and Daniel A. Villarreal to Janet Villarreal and Rojelio Rubalcada Jr.

•Damoni S. McCall to Samra R. McCall.

•Daniel Win to Ah D. Jonh and Aye W. Jonh.

•Dannika N. Rubrake to Danielle N. Wilson-Rubrake and Daniel D. Rubrake.

•David Luc to Hanh T. Tran and Vinh V. Luc.

•Deanah M. Goodson to Kristina L. Carter and Le Andrew J. Goodson.

•Delaney L. Latham to Leslie J. Prater and Anthony C. Latham.

•Devin J. Royal to Twila M. and Dekota J. Royal Sr.

•Devon R. Starks to Jonquisha S. Starks.

•Devyn R. Phillips to Keli C. Little and Tyler S. Phillips.

•Dominick D. Tucker to Jennifer M. Tucker.

•Dominique C. Ayers Jr. to Danesha D. Guy and Dominique C. Ayers.

•Donovan P. Tucker to Jennifer M. Tucker.

•Drevon L. Cooper to Dominique L. and Devon D. Cooper Sr.

•Eleanor R. Baker to Katherina J. Holmes and Jeffery D. Baker.

•Elizabeth R. Harris to Laura R. and Dontae L. Harris.

•Elizabeth R. Romero to Marina and Ricardo J. Romero.

•Emily M. Mavis to Lucille M. and Eric J. Mavis.

•Emmett B. McGarity to Amanda K. McGarity and Jeremy D. Upton.

•Emrys J. Mort to Elizabeth A. and Jonathan M. Mort.

•Erica A. Castro to Blanca E. Munoz Hernandez and Federico Castro.

•Ethen I. Brooks to Jessie M. Karn and Christopher A. Brooks.

•Evangeline R. Preston to Erin V. and Bruce L. Preston Jr.

•Evelynn B. Krebs to Lisa M. and Scott E. Krebs.

•Gage P. Hall to Valerie R. and Mark D. Hall.

•Ganawin Moe to Khin M. Win and Myint Moe.

•Gemma L. McCormick to Amber D. Cook and Justin M. McCormick.

•Genevieve M. Naber to Stevie L. Fyfe and Kevin G. Naber.

•Georgia F. Miller to Bethany J. and Nicholas D. Miller.

•Georgia R. Wakeland to Elissa J. and Paul G. Wakeland.

•Giovanny A. Vega to Johana I. Alarcon and Giovanny Vega.

•Giuliana M. Linn to Casey J. and Mark A. Linn.

•Gracelyn E. Bergamino to Tiffany M. and Stephen E. Bergamino.

•Hannah L. Crozier to Alicia A. and Adam N. Crozier.

•Harmony J. Colford to Ashley V. Webb and Virges L. Colford.

•Hudson S. Benner to Kristi L. Benner and John P. Benner.

•Isaac C. Welch to Renna A. Welch.

•Isabella G. Dimarzio to Constance L. and Joseph S. Dimarzio.

•Isaiah M. Mendez to Whitney L. McGehee and Paul M. Mendez.

•Jacari T. Andersen-Taylor to Veronica C. Andersen and James H. Taylor.

•Jackson A. Wassell to Whitney S. and John H. Wassell.

•Jacobi L. Woodward to Lakreisha L. and Robert M. Woodward.

•Jaiden C. Larry to Devita D. Williams-Lockett and Tommie L. Larry Jr.

•James R. Menzie III to Jonell M. McNeil and James R. Menzie Jr.

•Jared J. Hook Jr. to Cassandra T. Hook.

•Jaslyn K. Duff to Keitra L. Duff.

•Jaxon L. Boyles to Kayleah M. Smith and Christopher L. Boyles.

•Jayce K. McGuire to Brooke N. Bunnell and Larry A. Mcguire.

•Jerome E. Harris to Brittany J. Hostetter an Jerome E. Harris.

•Jesse L. Cooper to Kaytlynn N. Cooper.

•Jocelynne A. Andino to Brittany T. Douglas and Fernando D. Andino.

•John A. Eagle to Theresa E. and Michael J. Eagle.

•Johne D. Steffen to Amber M. Cochran and Christopher W. Steffen.

•Jonathan P. Pranger to Amanda T. and Nathan P. Pranger.

•Jordan J. Brackeen to Gretchen M. Todd and Jordan N. Brackeen.

•Joscelyn M. Bishop to Kelsie R. Bishop.

•Josephine F. Salamanca to Josefina and Andres Salamanca.

•Journee R. Lawrence to Naporsha S. Lawrence.

•Journey P. Walls to Sara B. and Christopher E. Walls.

•Jovan T. Brown to Nashea Brown.

•Julian D. Smith to Michelle L. and Jeffrey A. Smith.

•Ka Moni L. King to Akeiayal A. Woodsbell and Lawrence E. King.

•Kaden S. Yoder to Jennifer S. Fegley and Carl E. Yoder.

•Kai A. Marret to Allison C. Fleck and Brady A. Marret.

•Kaniya C. Armour to Keochia C. Armour.

•Kavi A. Hartzog to Katherine A. and Mark A. Hartzog.

•Keegan N. Gearhart to Sara M. Gearhart.

•Kenniylah I. Jones-Boone to Leandrea S. Jones and Kendall Lc Boone.

•Kerrigan E. Denton to Michelle M. and Timothy A. Denton.

•Kole M. Biddlecome to Nicole M. Biddlecome.

•Kova I. Durmic to Michaela J. Shanley and Edin Durmic.

•Kylie R. Worrell to Christine N. and Scott E. Worrell.

•Kynsley M. Collins to Leroisha C. Benson and Dvonte M. Collins.

•Lacey V. Katte-Knight to Ashley C. Katte-Knight and Travis W. Knight.

•Landon J. Ayers to Holly A. Pebley and James L. Ayers.

•Laya K. McAtee to Jennifer K. McAtee.

•Layla M. Omar to Isha H. Mberwa and Mahamed O. Ahmed.

•Leah J. Sears to Sarah J. Reid and Thomas E. Sears II.

•Liam J. Sutton to Kandi J. and Stevan L. Sutton.

•Lilah N. Nichols to Nyein Nyein and Christian J. Nichols.

•Lincoln J. Shugart to Lauren N. Hill and Robert P. Shugart.

•Lincoln J. Stout to Melissa A. and Bryan J. Stout.

•Lochlan A. Lindzy to Lisa M. and Charles S. Lindzy.

•Louis B. Sordelet to Tessa K. and Patrick R. Sordelet.

•Luxx K. Kirchner to Jennifer L. Kirchner.

•Madeline D. Cornish to Diana M. Dennis and Lawrence M. Cornish.

•Madison N. Hildebrand to Melissa A. and Matthew D. Hildebrand.

•Malachi L. Redd to Shanita L. Redd.

•Malaya R. Newson to Christine Z. Klein and Jamaine E. Newson.

•Marcella J. Wagoner to Samantha J. Wagoner.

•Mariely I. Navarro to Sonja I. Ramos and Antonio Navarro.

•Mason A. Syfert to Erin N. Reasoner and Sean D. Syfert.

•Mason E. Bean to Cari A. and Brian G. Bean.

•Mateo M. Astudillo to Keri L. and Alberto M. Astudillo.

•Matthew M. Romary Jr. to Bethany K. and Matthew M. Romary.

•Maximus C. Peebles to Julie A. and Joshua C. Peebles.

•Maximus J. Ahlersmeyer to Emily R. and Samuel J. Ahlersmeyer.

•Maxwell W. Yarcich to Ayfer and Brian M. Yarcich.

•Mia R. Braden to Heather M. Braden.

•Mila K. Odom to Brittney A. Parthun and Damian M. Odom.

•Moises I. Rojas to Amanda A. Alvizures and Ciro Rojas.

•Muhammad Saudais to Na Se Ma and Aung Thu.

•Namya S. Lipscomb to Quanisha J. Lipscomb.

•Nemngaih C. Hau to Thang D. Cing and Khup S. Hau.

•Noah A. Wippel to Lauren E. and Steven A. Wippel.

•Noelle N. Ule to Chelsea M. and Shaun R. Ule.

•Nora Imar to Fa Ri Da and Ja Ma Ra Din.

•Oliver A. King to Johanna P. Kellam-Weingart and Nathan D. King.

•Oliver A. Kladis to Maria Kladis.

•Olivia A. Doenges to Caleigh M. Miller and Scott A. Doenges.

•Omar E. Restrepo III to Mollie R. Ohneck and Omar L. Restrepo Jr.

•Omoro M. Gomillion to Myd-Imah D. Henderson and Eddie M. Gomillion.

•Oscar J. Lopez to Blanca M. Lopez Gomez and Julio C. Jacobo Ramos.

•Osvaldo J. Nino to Juana G. Ocana and Celso L. Nino.

•Owen T. Hoffman and William D. Hoffman to Michelle A. and Andrew D. Hoffman.

•Phineas A. Fyock to Lindsay R. Gibson and Grant D. Fyock.

•Riker T. Swager to Heather A. and Jacob J. Swager.

•Robert J. Dora to Annette M. Owen and Robert A. Dora.

•Rolando A. Ramirez to Delma L. Ramirez.

•Rosabelle M. Tippmann to Katrina M. and Robert T. Tippmann III.

•Rosaisela Lopez to Maria C. Guzman and Lino A. Lopez.

•Ryleigh M. Merriweather to Jasmine D. and Antwon D. Merriweather.

•Sarah J. Krekelberg to Wendy J. and Heath T. Krekelberg.

•Saraud Maleerat to Sarbun Be and Kriangkrai Maleerat.

•Scott J. Zeigler to Kassandra L. Bumanglag and Scott P. Zeigler.

•Serenity M. Cruz to Shelby M. Parkison and Moises H. Cruz.

•Simon J. Schofield to Jamie L. and Joshua T. Schofield.

•Simone A. Stalling to Terra J. Stalling.

•Sophia G. Barrand to Emily M. Debus and Jackson W. Barrand.

•Sophie A. Sanchez to Aime M. Hernandez and Otoniel Sanchez.

•Sullivan J. Shaw to Jaclyn M. and Chad W. Shaw.

•Taliyah L. Hill to Terrece L. and Brian K. Hill.

•Taylen D. Bronaugh to Laressa L. Ford and Treval D. Bronaugh.

•Tayveon A. Parks-Willoughby to Tyra M. Parks and Trace A. Willoughby.

•Tyler M. Woods to Khadijah K. Woods.

•Unique I. Williams to Deloris T. Williams.

•Ursula L. Goncalves to Ida M. and Inacio Goncalves.

•Warren L. Eme to Jacqueline M. and Shawn L. Eme.

•Wesley R. Trainer to Meredith B. and Kenneth P. Trainer.

•Weston J. Fausnaugh to Jill M. and Joshua T. Fausnaugh.

•Wyatt P. Topp to Ashley L. and John D. Topp.

•Wyatt R. Stilwell-Ware to Samantha J. Ware and Richard W. Stilwell III.

•Xander L. Johnson to Sarah M. Brown and Corry L. Johnson.

•Zayden J. Herring to Marissa K. Wren and Michael J. Herring.