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Area births, through Jan. 13

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 8:30 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Jan. 13. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Aaliyah S. Wolf to Cassey S. Jones and Julian N. Wolf.

•Rowan E. Knights to Crystal M. Houlton and Jordan F. Knights.


•Cohen M. Griggs to Monica R. Grobis and Joseph W. Griggs.

•Ella G. Conley to Jacquelyn A. and Jeffrey S. Conley.

•Ian J. Lake to Amber L. Shelburne and Austin J. Lake.

•Magnolia J. Harmon to Julie A. and Destin D. Harmon.


•Claire K. Scott to Laura K. and Chad M. Scott.

•Luke W. Bender to Carla A. and Shannon J. Bender.


•Samara K. Tonner to Rachel R. and Trevor C. Tonner.


•Dayton C. Williams to Sarah J. Williams.

•Karlee A. Lloyd to Serena I. Lloyd.

•Paige N. Steffen to Abby L. and Jayde T. Steffen.

•Tate J. Deweese to Ashley C. and Jacob B. Deweese.

•Roman W. Vasquez to Mariah L. Heron and Visente Vasquez Jr.


•Dallas B. Tamez to Sandra M. and Matthew J. Tamez.


•Isabella C. Coe to Angela M. and Steven A. Coe.

Columbia City

•Braycin D. Stetzel to Jill M. and Adam D. Stetzel.

•Carson J. Krider to Torie L. and Levi J. Krider.

•Cooper L. Steele to Hailey R. Puckett and Michael P. Steele.

•Dexter B. Mullett to Jeni L. and Wesley D. Mullett.


•Austin A. Biddle to Amber K. and Patrick S. Biddle.


•Easton R. Teixeira to Melanie E. and David A. Teixeira.

•Evelyn M. Prince to Brooke E. and Archie M. Prince IV.

•Ezra J. Henry to Melissa S. and Steven A. Henry.

•Isaac R. Cerna to Kayla J. Kaehr and Caleb R. Cerna.

•Ryker L. Allen to Alexis L. Allen.

•Wyatt D. Malone to Deana S. Goffinet and Brenton E. Malone.


•Brayden A. Green to Kylee E. Green.

•Zachery P. Clark to Lindsay K. and Gregory P. Clark.


•Bella J. Kendall to Cassandra K. and Andrew J. Kendall.

•Wyatt C. Smith to Courtney R. Bailer and Clifford R. Smith.


•Jonathan L. Schwartz to Martha J. and Levi R. Schwartz.


•Jarren M. Graber to Wilma A. and Joseph M. Graber.

•Quinten D. Dobberstein to Lenora D. Stewart and Jordan D. Dobberstein.


•Athena I. McCreary to Monica S. Bowers and Troy A. McCreary.

•Athenna C. Buttaro to Kierra F. Shenfeld and Wiley L. Buttaro.


•Grant M. Scheumann to Tamara C. and Brandon M. Scheumann.

•Mason G. Pritchard to Heather M. Pritchard.


•Irie C. Golden to Lindsey C. and Eric J. Golden.

•Jack A. Klein to Jamie M. and Anthony J. Klein.

•Kaiya N. Monnett to Laura M. and Scott D. Monnett.

•Kolten J. Chesney to Diana E. Cuney and Tyler J. Chesney.

•Lola M. Gladin-Fox to Ashley M. Gladin and Jason M. Fox.


•Kynzie K. Bowers to Carrie J. and Gavin D. Bowers.

•Samuel E. Bergler to Sarah A. and Thomas E. Bergler.

•Scarlett A. Pippin to Jami K. and Joshua M. Pippin.


•Alinah S. Federspiel to Brittany N. Terry and Alexander M. Federspiel.


•Carolyn M. Mishler and Marilyn M. Mishler to Amanda M. and Mark F. Mishler.


•Katherine E. Gump to Angela R. and Robert W. Gump.


•Claire E. Hudecek and Julia A. Hudecek to Christine M. and Michael D. Hudecek.

•Eve A. Klopfenstein to Rachel L. and Jason W. Klopfenstein.


•Andrea J. Craig to Mindy L. and Billy J. Craig Jr.

•Dominic A. Valenti to Amanda L. Pruente and Justin A. Valenti.

New Haven

•Averee M. Feltis to Kayla M. Watkins and James C. Feltis III.

•Azaria J. Eldridge to Madison C. Carroll and Xavier Q. Eldridge.

•Brayden E. Bohlinger to Rosemary M. Germano and Joshua M. Bohlinger.

•Carson J. Gustin to Sherri R. and Bronson N. Gustin.

•Eliza L. Shipp to Erika L. and Cody A. Shipp.

•Ellie D. Delong to Jodi L. Stambaugh and Michael D. Delong.

•Ethan C. Dwyer to Lorie L. and Brent A. Dwyer.

•Hannah A. Stone to Heidi A. and Patrick C. Stone.

•Joan E. Walters to Elizabeth S. and Michael G. Walters.

•Julia K. Guenthner to Katherine A. and Ryan C. Guenthner.

•Lucas Graber to Susanne and Mervin F. Graber.

North Manchester

•Jacob L. Patterson to Maria and Brent A. Patterson.


•Cora N. Freiburger to Joelle A. and Mark T. Freiburger.

•Davis J. Drake to Brooke M. and Jesse N. Drake.

•Luke R. Miller to Julayne A. and Jeffrey A. Miller.


•Sophia L. Fairchild to Stephanie L. Fairchild.

Pleasant Lake

•Matthew H. White to Gabriella K. Ketcham and Dakota J. White.


•Kayson T. Dillon to Brandi N. Killingbeck and Jacob J. Dillon.


•Adan J. Maloy to Sarah M. and Devin J. Maloy.

•Grace E. Bender to Jessica N. and Jonathan V. Bender.

St. Joe

•Lylah R. Eicher to Priscilla M. and Noah I. Eicher.

Silver Lake

•Autumn D. Denney to Brittany L. and Nicholas L. Denney.

South Whitley

•Dannaka L. Day to Dana L. and Derrick E. Day.

•Janetta R. Hilty to Ruth A. and Amos E. Hilty.

•Lavina S. Schwartz to Sarah E. and Joseph K. Schwartz.

•Leon G. Swartz to Christina J. and Joshua A. Swartz.

•Louis J. Schmucker to Lydiann L. and Aaron Schmucker.


•Emma K. Crites to Megan L. and Scott M. Crites.

•Olivia C. Eicher to Laura J. and Dewayne E. Eicher.

•Sunny J. Neuer to Rachel R. and Benjamin D. Neuer.


•Leighton L. Zuniga to Melissa Zuniga.


•Aubree A. Salomon to Misty D. and Kraig A. Salomon.


•Elizabeth R. Bolt to Wendy G. and Jason W. Bolt.


•Presley C. Snyder to Elizabeth A. and Jonathan E. Snyder.


•Owen M. Bridge to Chelsea A. and Jason A. Bridge.

•Valerie L. Austin to Jessica L. Kerney and James M. Austin.