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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. I'm a lifelong Democrat who agrees with Republicans on one issue. No more government spending. At least my Republican congressman votes accordingly. My president acts like it is his money. He seems like a 13-year-old on a shopping spree with a credit card that has no consequences.

It's time for mandatory sentencing for carrying a gun without a license and using it in any crime. Only when they know prison is assured will this gun violence in our city be reduced. Illegally carrying a gun and shootouts are now the norm and culture of our inner-city youth, and we are tired of living in fear.

I pay city taxes, which has always included snow removal. Now the city lets snow and ice be the norm on our side streets. Maybe a little less spent on downtown and statue moving and more to the safety of its citizens and their vehicles.

I am a disillusioned Democrat who has been lied to again by this president. His so-called balanced-approach promise is a lie. More tax revenue and absolutely no cuts in spending. … I pity the next president who inherits this mess and gets the blame for a failed America.

The day after Chicago sets all-time record for murders in a year (500), MSNBC had a related article on its website. No surprise there was not one word about the fact Chicago has one of the most strict, if not the most strict, gun laws in the nation. Liberal media at work!

Seems like an ethics problem that elected officials are invited to attend dinners for free when the volunteers are required to pay for themselves, especially county council members and boards who decide the budgets for the volunteer organization.

To the ranter who said knives don't kill: Too bad you can't ask Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman that question. I believe they would beg to differ.

I mailed four cards with checks in them Dec. 14, and three were torn and checks missing. I am told when the dead-end container is all cleared out, my checks will be returned! Wonder why the (U.S.) Postal Service is in trouble? Thanks for making my Christmas happy!

Shame on the mother who left her baby in the car seat the Saturday before Christmas in the black SUV while she shopped in … the Chapel Ridge Shopping Center. She was very unconcerned of what she did after a person who parked by the vehicle came into the store asking if the person who owned the vehicle was in the store.

Hypocritical Hollywood leftists get paid millions to make very violent, gun-killing movies and then be on an advertisement for more gun control.

I got no kids, so I got no grandkids. I'll be gone by the time America files for bankruptcy. Print, print, print. Spend, spend, spend. You know the old saying, “I can't be broke because I still have checks in the checkbook.”

Last month, a Wall Street Journal poll found that 65 percent of Americans, including more than half of Republicans, gave a negative description of the Republican Party. As a Democrat, I still believe we need two (or more) strong political parties because no party is right all the time. If Republicans continue down their nonreflective, obstructionist path, … I fear for the future of our nation.

I love some of the Republican ranters who deride President Obama voters as “low-information.” Did you know that Public Policy Polling … recently found that 49 percent of Republican voters believe that ACORN stole the 2012 election for Obama? ACORN was defunct as of 2010!

Al Gore (as all politicians) shows his true … colors. Green ($), and not the green he’s been spouting in recent years.

President Obama and Mrs. Clinton need to be held accountable for four U.S. deaths in Libya last September. They should testify before Congress and explain what they were doing during the seven-hour attack … .

A question for the anti-gun people: If armed men are breaking down your door and threatening your family, do you want a large clip or a small clip of ammo for your gun?

The brainiacs in the Indiana Statehouse won’t ban assault weapons, but they will ban gay marriage. Just what are they drinking in their coffee? How about a side order of hatred to go along with your drink?

The NRA believes that even people who are on the terror watch list have the constitutional right to buy guns.

Were all Fort Wayne city services shut down Christmas week and New Year’s week, or was it just the street department? My street (West Maplegrove Avenue) was an ice rink for a week and a half.

Stopping at … (a local big box retailer), I witnessed the cleaning crew “cleaning” the parking lot. Know how they were doing it? Just blowing the trash away! So why are trash barrels located there?

Why is the gas station open when all of the gas “handles” are bagged and out of order?

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame. Wake up the echoes. … Oops!

To contribute to The News-Sentinel’s anonymous sound-off forum, email comments of 50 words or fewer to therant@news-sentinel.com or send mail to: The Rant, The News-Sentinel, 600 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.


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