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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Saturday, January 19, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Do you take down addresses of abuse, as you drive through our streets, Mr. Mayor? If not, you have people/employees who work for you who could do that, subsequently contacting those bin-sight abuses that there could be a penalty or fine (whatever the code says). This may be an incentive to spruce up properties that show from the roadways.

To the ranter about gun-nuts blaming everything else: You're right. It's not the fault of the person behind the gun pulling the trigger, it's the gun's fault. Just like the drunk drivers who kill people. It's not their fault. It's the vehicle's fault. So let's ban vehicles and free everyone convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

Paranoid anti-gunners have given all Americans something to fear because they refuse to protect even little elementary school kids. I guess they care more about their agenda (total government control) than they do about actually saving the kids. Blood is on the hands of you liberals.

I noticed someone said that there was an armed guard at Columbine. The guard was doing other duties. You have to remember nothing like that had happened in those days. Besides, they were students and had no problem walking in with long coats. I live in Colorado.

The forecast today is 42 and sunny. Thanks to the street department of Fort Wayne for promptly plowing and salting my street (now) two weeks to the day after the snow fell. Job well done!

To the people who think we need to have readily available assault weapons in order to protect ourselves against our own government: Guess what? The government has access to drones and nuclear weapons. Should we arm everyone with those, too? Where does this paranoia end?

More gun control? How about mandatory, non-suspended jail time for crimes committed using a weapon? Then add on the other charges and keep the criminal in jail and off the streets.

Next year, instead of laptops, give all of the students handguns. That way, we know no one would ever attack another school, and this would stop bullying in its tracks. Make fun of someone, and you get shot. Sounds reasonable to me.

Local media deliver a report recently about a rash of similar and possibly linked apartment robberies, ask citizens to “be vigilant” but fail to provide even a basic description of the perpetrators (i.e., sex/race). This is completely irresponsible.

Guns don't kill people, abortion does.

Even the left-wing liberals should be very skeptical of why most of President Obama's advisers and cabinet folks are jumping ship.

The mayor … (has suggested) to spend $100,000 to move the General (Anthony) Wayne statue across the street (to the Courthouse Green), but there is no money to run a firefighter academy class to fill all the openings? Guess we see where his priorities are.

When is America going to wake up and realize you can't legislate morality? So stop trying. There are bad people in the world, and you can't “legislate” them away! The bad guys don't care about laws!

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