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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Monday, January 21, 2013 08:36 am
I must respond to the letter of Laura J. Smyser (Dec. 12) who was responding to a letter from a Mr. Sizemore. The letter was titled “Compassion more than government mandate.” Well, I hate to use the Constitution of the United States, instead of logic and common sense, but it does say “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” (the preamble).

My question here is one of definitions, general welfare, liberty, posterity and compassion most of all. My understanding of compassion was one of empathy, to worry about your fellow humans, and especially the children. What I have witnessed in my lifetime is not one of “general welfare,” which having a heart I see as compassion. But apathy and greed on the part of the conservatives, who have profited on the “blessings of liberty!” Deregulation, the “right to work” laws and profiteering from government bailouts and all the CEOs who got bonuses from Bush’s 2008 bailout. Posterity seems to have split like an amoeba into prosperity and poverty.

She says, in so many words, we all must pay for our poor choices and not expect any compassion when we do. I did not vote for Reagan, or Bush, and historical evidence can prove in regards to the “general welfare” of the common people I chose correctly, and yet I have paid. I have not only paid but lost almost everything due to the bad choices of others. Those who steal your boots and then turn around and say, “Pull yourself up by your boot straps!”

I agree there are those who abuse the system, but it is not so much the poor as it is the rich. I have never paid less than 28 percent taxes combined (federal, state and local) and never made more than $23,000 a year, but Romney made $200 million and only paid 13 percent? This from a man whose company has shipped so many jobs overseas. Even Warren Buffett said his secretary paid more percentage-wise than he did!

I am sorry, but it seems to me that we need some compassion mandated by the government, or should I say protection (it does say something about defense)! We can all agree there are those who take advantage of the system, high and low. According to the local morning news show, homeless families have increased by 80 percent. I cannot believe that they all turned into drunks, crack or meth-heads; many did not have a choice, poor or good! Or perhaps they they chose to take the poverty level job that Romney turned around and sent overseas!

The word “socialism” is derived from the word “society.” Are we a social people,

or are we lone wolves? Do we consider ourselves compassionate, or self-centered? Who if not the government will ensure the ideals laid out in the preamble? I am not betting on BP, AIG, Halliburton, religious organizations or any tea party member!

Michael J. WardThe American Red Cross would like to thank the following donors for reaching life-saving platelet donation milestones. These dedicated donors have helped save countless lives through their selfless act of blood and platelet donation.

Platelets are vital for patients undergoing cancer treatment, newborns struggling with medical issues and others facing health crises. Loyal donors such as these often donate platelets every seven days to ensure an adequate supply for area patients. Please consider joining these heroes by donating blood or platelets today (www.redcrossblood.org).

Doug Rydman, 100 donations; Dennis Spreuer, 200 donations; Thomas Harris, 100 donations; Keith Mortoff, 100 donations; Anthony Huth, 100 donations; Dennis Holp, 300 donations; Denise Albertson, 100 donations; Kirk Tolliver, 300 donations; Michael Stebbins, 100 donations; Edward Soberalski, 100 donations; and Barbara Spreen, 100 donations.

Tracy Duncan, communications manager, American Red Cross Blood Services


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