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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:01 am
This is an open letter to the America I remember. You have let me down. This is addressed to Wall Street, Main Street and especially to the White House. Enough already. Home of the free? Free to be scared into submission. Free to be lied to and pitted against each other. What happened to the great melting pot called America? We aren’t people, we are stats determined by party, color, gender, religion, weight, sexual preferences, age, ZIP code; the list is endless.There is only one common denominator, and that is control by fear and misdirection. This is America, and I am sick of being constantly threatened with questionable financial and natural disasters, only to be rescued by the benevolent big brother at the brink of the bottomless abyss. This is not reality, it is a man-made B grade soap opera for the mindless.

Could you stop the commercials reminding us of our sexual and personal hygiene shortcomings? Watch the commercials, and if you don’t find a health problem, you aren’t paying attention. The best time to see these is during the evening meals. Nothing like a good catheter commercial with that smoked sausage. But have no fear, American medicine has all the answers except how to pay for it. Unless — wait you can afford it, deserve it or even need it. If you didn’t vote wisely, you must suffer, for your own good, of course. The answer seems simple enough: Vote wisely. And you will have to finish that thought yourself. My wish: to someday cast my ballot for someone, not against someone. Raise the bar, America.

David JohnsonIn three years of mailings, some people couldn’t fill out a form to confirm their Homestead deduction. Now the county is going to spend how many more thousands of dollars to send them another notification and take steps to allow many others to appeal that they didn’t submit the form?

I’ve told some of my neighbors that they hadn’t filed and that they would pay a penalty if they didn’t complete the form on time. Half of them still didn’t file the Homestead form. What is the penalty? My taxes are going to be used to ask them again if they are sure that they really don’t want to fill out the Homestead verification and if they don’t they can still make a plea for stupidity and laziness. I am so glad I and most other Allen County taxpayers completed our task on time so that we can now have our tax dollars spent on those who didn’t.

Please, some news source, ask the commissioners and council members just how much this is going to cost the rest of us.

David ArmstrongMollie (our dog) and I walk every morning and again every late afternoon in our neighborhood and the adjoining subdivision. And after our recent snows, we’ve found that about 80 percent of homeowners regularly shovel their walks. We thank them for making walking in subfreezing temperature a little less taxing and much safer.

To the 20 percent who don’t shovel, if possible, could you at least carve a shovel-width path on your walks? Both Mollie and I would greatly appreciate it.

Jim AckmannAs reported in The News-Sentinel on Dec. 22, the mayor wants to move the Anthony Wayne statue from Freimann Square to the Courthouse Green at an estimated cost of $100,000. With City Council’s approval, $3 million of the Legacy Fund had to be used to balance the budget but yet somewhere the mayor has found $100,000 to move Anthony Wayne. What fund is being tapped to finance this expenditure, and what are the details of the cost?

I shake my head in wonderment. Is this project really necessary, and is it a wise use of scarce taxpayer dollars? I don’t think so.

Linda J. KirbyI don’t know how many of you are aware that Frontier automatically renews your contract with them. I started with Verizon and never signed a contract with them but now when I want to change by email I find out that I have about a two-year contract. If you read the last page of your bill, they can automatically renew it when they want to without telling you. It will now cost me $200 to get out of a contract I never signed. Beware, it can or is happening to you.

Ralph Klinker



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