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Friday, September 22, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Our Second Amendment rights will not be taken away but should have an addendum(s) to reflect modern times. Logic (common sense) should prevail. Assault rifles by definition mean assault, not a sport/game rifle.

There seems to be an interest to move the statue of General Wayne. Why not consider the northwest corner of the Citizens Square parking lot and face toward the Courthouse. Maybe some volunteer groups or organizations would help with the move. Maybe Little Turtle could be put on the northeast corner of the parking lot. I take 15 different maintenance medications. Sometimes I go without because I went over my own fiscal cliff long ago. The fiscal cliff deal and its tax increase now afford me less “universal healthcare” to the tune of four generic meds I will now miss every month.

President Obama isn't going to take your guns. He said he supports the Second Amendment. His executive order is only going to take all the clips, magazines and ammunition. See, we'll still have our guns.

These low-information voters who hate capitalism and want the government to take care of them obviously don't like freedom either. Unfortunately, the government does take care of them.

Second Amendment allows guns to protect family and for hunting. The NRA is a special-interest group. … Why does an ordinary citizen need an assault rifle with hundreds of rounds? You paranoid people are scary!

Thought Clown Car was gone, but more of the same stupid and paranoid people survive. Arm teachers, college students, cops in theaters, churches, YMCA, library, McDonalds. These mass killings can and have happened anywhere. When will it ever end? All these guns don't make us safer.

When the Second Amendment was written, it was meant for citizens to be able to protect themselves from their government. There were no assault weapons, but all sides had to rely on one-shot muskets to even things out. Today is an evolution of that concept.

Charles Shumer, senator from N.Y., asked Walmart to take its guns off sale, which amazingly they did … .

Saying tougher gun laws will take guns out of the hands of criminals is ludicrous. They have no regard for the law now and will not if new laws are passed.

It's hard to believe that intelligent people really think a “law” will keep a “killer” from getting a gun.

Gun bans are like drug bans — they only make illegal dealers rich.

The question nobody seems to ask, “Is there ever going to be an end to the debt ceiling?” When the debt reaches $20 trillion, maybe China will want Hawaii as payment since the United States apparently is never going to have a reduction in spending and a balanced budget.

Friday received the first paycheck of the year. We are what I consider a middle-class family, and we were looking at possibly purchasing a new car this year. Well, looking at my paycheck stub between the increase in my insurance premium and increase in Social Security, I am $245 a month behind last year's wages. Needless to say, insurance is more important than a car so will have to stick with the 8-year-old vehicle.

Was that the Notre Dame boys team or girls team who was exposed by Alabama's men? Talk about humiliating.

How about first let's get a definition of all types of “assault weapons” before we ban them.

President Obama and his left-wing cronies won't deal with the real issue, mental illness, because none of them would be allowed to touch a weapon of any kind.

Locking schools down is a great idea. But what happens when the gun-toting suspect waits until a door is opened because someone is exiting the building. How does this help those inside.

Mayor Henry, do you know how stupid that sounds, “Mayors against Illegal Guns” coalition? Dude, 99.9 percent of the human race is against “illegal guns!”

President Obama should set a limit on how much money, possessions and property a person needs to live comfortably. If you have more than that, it should be confiscated and given to us of lesser means. Fairness demands it.

If quick-firing, high-capacity weapons are not useful for a citizen's self-protection, why does President Obama's security use them?

Once again, President Obama and the Democrats see an opportunity not to let a crisis go to waste. They see another dream come true in banning some guns. They will have a totally thought-out plan on how to do it after several weeks of phony talks. True discussion and study of gun violence isn't possible in two weeks, but they have to strike while the irons hot.

The insurance people out there need to stop asking for Social Security numbers just to get a quote on their insurance. You don't need to have our Social Security number in your system unless we become a customer.

To the two guys wrapped in the United States flag at the polar bear plunge. Wearing the flag is not patriotic. You should read up on the Flag Code.

When the president says we must compromise, he must hear we must do it 100 percent my way!

Those nice, new, very expensive, … informational billboards outside our high schools are useless if the so-called “intelligent” educators are unable to program them — the one outside Wayne High School is still set for Daylight Saving Time.

Mayor Henry says we all will be paying for the legal fees to condemn Aqua. How much will that bill be? The last one was more than $1 million in legal fees for Aqua North! I am a taxpayer and a City Utilities customer. I should not have to pay for this; it has no affect on me!

I went to my husband's doctor's office to pick up his prescription. While waiting for it, a nurse came up to the four nurses at the front desk and asked them if they had gotten a flu shot. All said no. She asked them if they wanted one since she had just enough left for them. All said no. Now we wonder why so many people get the flu and from where.

Why don't we ever hear anything about increasing the penalty for committing a crime with a gun, especially those when someone is shot. These robberies are not accidents. The penalty should be far more costly than they can hope to gain by committing any crime. It is not the guns that commit the act. We have to stop recycling these people.

I'm amazed at the ignorance and immaturity of those rushing to clean out the gun stores. No one is taking your guns or threatening your right to have them. The basis is the need for large automatic, full-clip weapons. Hunting? How much meat is left to eat, Sport?

I'm doubtful using the City Light money to repair the streets is sensible. Granted, they need fixed, but if the repair is the usual patch with 2-inch drop or gravel fill, you may as well throw the money in the hole with it. Street repair money should be budgeted along with infrastructure and other maintenance of city property … . Put it (Legacy funds) in riverfront improvement like San Antonio River walk so everyone has an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy our three rivers history.

If Mayor Henry wants to move the statue, let him pay for it himself. He makes enough money being mayor of Fort Wayne.

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