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Outdoor Sports, Lake & Cabin Show gives break from winter

Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 12:01 am

Joe "Fish" Moffatt and his brother Alex were getting in a little fishing Friday afternoon.

The boys – Joe is 6, Alex is 12 – were at the Outdoor Sports, Lake & Cabin Show that runs through Sunday at the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center, along with parents Shannon and John Moffatt. The Canadian family owns some fly-fishing and hunting lakes in that country, and they have a booth at the show. The parents promised the boys they could fish at the stocked swimming pool across from their booth.

The Moffats have owned their business for the five past years. John Moffat said they started out 20 years ago working for other people who did the same thing, as well as cleaning boats and cabins. They are about 260 miles north of Sault St. Marie, in the backcountry of Canada. Their cabins are on Lake Obakamiga, where they live from May through October.

Toward the back of the expo center, there is a large pool where people can test kayaks and other paddle craft. Crossing the large hall floor, visitors will find everything from RVs to large taxidermy animals, bikes, Jeeps, pontoon boats, hiking, biking and fitness equipment, and other attractions. There are free seminars and workshops each day, as well as a lumberjack competition.

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