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Area births, through Jan. 27

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 11:28 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Jan. 27. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Ryan N. Garcia to Jasmine A. and Angel L. Garcia.


•Matthew M. Shetler to Christine A. and Marlin D. Shetler.


•Isaac L. Daniels to Amy K. and Matthew R. Daniels.

•Maddox D. Brown to Ashley A. and Brandon B. Brown.


•Jade P. Pendergrass to Caisie L. and Charles R. Pendergrass.

•Milo J. McConnell to Tanya L. and Joshua I. McConnell.

•Truett E. McConnell to Stephanie A. Witzenman and Jacob T. McConnell.

Columbia City

•Keegan J. Breece to Tiffany K. Lortie and Brandon J. Breece.

•Kian A. Dean to Desiree G. and Eddie J. Dean.


•Addison A. Arnold to Kristine M. and Seth A. Arnold.

•Cailyn C. Radecki to Carly A. and Daniel W. Radecki.

•Chase A. Post to Michelle R. Taylor and Joshua A. Post.


•Jarick D. Toney to Kiley K. and Nicholas A. Toney.


•Kaylin R. Rediger to Nicole R. and Benjamin M. Rediger.


•Amos M. Eicher to Ruby N. and Menno C. Eicher.

•Stefan A. Magatti to Lenora R. Hirschler and Tobias A. Magatti.


•Dustin J. Nordness to Heather V. Nordness.


•Audrey A. Corcoran to Megan J. and David T. Corcoran.


•Luke A. Smith to Kristy M. Smith.


•Addison L. Pollick to Catherine L. and Anthony L. Pollick.

•Isaac V. Weilbaker to Robyn M. and Richard P. Weilbaker II.


•Hailey M. Loar to Holly M. and Shawn L. Loar.

•Isaac R. Garl to Jasmine N. and Brandon N. Garl.

•Nolan A. Skiles to Valerie A. and Adam L. Skiles.

•Sylvia A. Ulrich to Gywen M. and Brian M. Ulrich.


•Ella M. Nussbaum to Sarah J. and Chad A. Nussbaum.


•Adalynn N. Bradtmueller to Megan S. Bradtmueller.

New Haven

•Debra R. Schwartz to Marie A. and Christy L. Schwartz.

•Elmer C. Lengacher to Viola and Christian S. Lengacher.

•Ervin J. Lengacher to Betty and Edwin J. Lengacher.

North Manchester

•Collin M. Simmers to Jennifer K. and Chris D. Simmers.

•Kellyn E. Lochner to Sarah E. and Christopher B. Lochner.


•Alexandra R. Bennett to Kimberly K. and David W. Bennett.

•Olivia G. Harris to Priscilla and Thomas C. Harris.

Saint Joe

•Stella S. Shamp to Melissa N. and Jeramie P. Shamp.

•William R. Scott to Jennifer R. and Troy W. Scott.


•Jaekon A. Bontrager to Sherri J. and Kevin J. Bontrager.


•Adelaide W. Monroe to Bridie M. and Jeremy M. Monroe.

•Carter A. Richardson to Jennifer M. Watson and Cameron J. Richardson.


•Jubilee A. Martz to Joy A. and Robert E. Martz.


•Caleb E. Mwesigwa to Lindsey J. and Amos Mwesigwa.

•Marshall R. Wolf to Cassidy A. and Steven J. Wolf.

•Raela R. Loe to Erika D. and Bart E. Loe.


•Shiloh K. McGahan to Olivia J. and Caleb R. McGahan.


•Wyatt C. Dickinson to Cijai and Jason D. Dickinson.


•Lucinda K. Zehr to Delila K. and Samuel Zehr.


•Emori G. Girardot to Jennifer L. and Jay S. Girardot.