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In his words: Matt Painter on Purdue's blowout defeat to Indiana

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Boilermakers lack competitiveness according to coach

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 3:48 am

On Indiana's effort:

I was really impressed with how hard Indiana played. How unselfish they played. They have a really good team. Sometimes having good individual pieces doesn't mean that you'll have a good team. They've done a good job of playing together and making some sacrifices as a team.

On the Hoosiers' productivity:

All of their guys are doing the dirty work. They're chasing long rebounds. They're chasing loose balls. They're playing physical. They are just a tough, hard-nosed basketball team, and then you throw the skill on top of it, with making 3s and making their free throws. They just have a lot of weapons.

On the Boilermakers' effort:

The facts are the facts. They played harder than us. They played better than us. What are you really going to say about this (loss)? At the end, (Indiana) is out there having fun and that's what it's about. They are a good team and we're not. We play like individuals out there.

On the improved play of A.J. Hammons:

He played hard against Iowa. We're just trying to get him to be consistent. He's really worked hard at his scouting report and focusing on who he is going to go against. Tonight was a tough challenge for him. He just had a better focus. It's really a simple game if you play hard and you follow your scouting report on what you are supposed to do. I was pleased with (A.J.).

On Indiana pressing full court with a large lead:

When you play hard, you can do whatever you want. Indiana played hard. They took us behind the wood shed and whipped us. So I'm not one of those guys. When you're talking out there and you're up 40 points, it's like the old saying, it's not bragging if you can back it up.