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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 12:01 am

LICENSES FILED DEC. 10, 2012-JAN. 4, 2013

Editor's note: Due to a problem at the Allen County Courthouse, we recently received a large group of records dating back to early December.

•Zachariah B. Rumbaugh and Valerie Jeffrey Hertenstein

•Jerry Ray Caudill and Stacy Ann Lawrence

•Timothy J. Kruse and Marybeth Rexroth

•Peter T. Schenkel and Michelle M. Pifer

•John H. Miller and Maggi L. Burch

•Wayne E. Lessner and Leticia Zurzolo

•Christopher E. Williams and Melinda D. White

•Anthony D. Strange and Dawn C. Hutchens

•Nathan Leroy Thrams and Alexis Jean Bacon

•Michael Anthony Wadkins and Carol Anne Arnold

•Wilbur Louis Brantley and Sandra V. Conwell

•Logan Michael Lewis and Maria Ann Wilkey

•Kyle K. Harden and Paris Aleah Sanderson

•Jason M. Work and Dorinda S. Smith

•James A. Bickel and Madeline T. Ford

•Thomas H. Wright and Patricia L. Hall

•Richard W. Collert and Beverly D. McHenry

•Scott C .Kohler and Susan Marie Russell

•Jerome Emmanuel Harris and Brittany J. Hostetter

•Matthew Dwayne Ratliff and Cassondra Jean Renee Haire

•Klaus Robert Oswalt and May Miki Wada

•Kyle Anthony Selking and Tina M. Maldeney

•Richard Allen Vandall Jr. and Rebecca Letticia Rosa

•Thomas W. Weimer and Rita A. Coffman

•Noah Alexander Karbach and Amanda Marie Lewis

•Arcenio Eddie Haynes and Ashley Denise Bailey

•James Gelzleichter and Sally Sharp

•Scott Andrew Reardon and Jessica Lynn Holmes

•Mancini William and Marquetta M. Brabson

•Zachary D. Springer and Tashz M. Farris

•David Memba Loya and Chantal Mbonek Mushagalusa

•Gary W. Griffith and Kristi E. Stolte

•Bradley Charles Derouin and Dawn Michelle Davis

•Philip T. Edmonds and Dawn A. Smith

•John M. Rottinghaus and Amber D. Howell

•Michael G. Dutton II and Chelsea Erin Bentley

•Paul J. Anderson and Julie A. Anderson

•Ronald Clifford Trosclair and Michaelle Anne McNeil

•Paul A. Slipetz and Elaine T. Mittelkamp

•Juan A. Riojas and Esther A. Deleon

•Stiven Jose Osuna and Gily Nacary Martinez

•James L. Berger and Kimberly A. Riehle

•Zackery R. Pace and Rhianna Heather Prentice

•Daniel P. Davis and Anna M. Clark

•Nickolas P. Wright and Cassi L. Bland

•Jeffrey T. Ernberger and Lisa M. Boyd

•Bruce E. Bochard and Tina Marie Cessna

•Decarese J. Walker and Lavone Laquae Parhm

•Steven Lee Davidson and Penny M. Hogan

•David S. Sliger and Phonda S. Woods

•Robert Gale A. Anderson and Nancy Quintana

•Mathew Lee Freed and Nicole Suzanne Klug

•Matthew T. George and Daisy Flores

•Brian T. Jones and Shannon R. Kline

•Daniel E. Secheverell and Amy Hoang

•Dennis L. Fick and Gayle S. Stuhrberg

•Thomas P. DiPaulo and Amber D. Webb

•Zerrick Quartey Currie and Jessica Elizabeth Bruch

•Marc H. Kumpf and Amy S. Miller

•Virgil K. Griffin and LaToya Janice Johnson

•Callum Joseph Sawtell and Jenna Elizabeth Wall

•Robert C. Hansbarger and Danielle L. Herrick

•Jason P. Yahne and Brittany Lynn Carpenter

•Phillip L. Henry and Amanda C. Doctor

•Donald R. Douglas and Sheryll U. Gutierrez

•Timothy M. Conquergood and Denise A. Antinnucci

•Adam W. Clark and Sarah Joan Luttenbacher

•Ray E. Sanders and Earlcum M. Thomas

•Thomas J. Long and Molly Catherine Zeigler

•Russell G. Yohman Jr. and Kelli D. Marlatt

•Michael V. Burke and Lora L. Bergman

•Mat Sa Pee and Sa Ji Da Be

•Anthony Wayne England and Emily Kathryn Taylor

•Michael Albert Anaya and Jessica Lee Kensill

•Coy Elbert Grubb and Judith L. Bowman

•Benjamin A. Cunningham and Jennifer Lynn Bennett

•Larry M. Lane and Charity D. Drummond

•Joshua Christian Smith and Rachel Warsco

•Joe D. Carlisle and LaToya Patrice Lopez

•Demarcus D. Crawford and Andrea M. Fowlkes

•Justin Dean Scheumann and Kristin C. Mahan

•Caleb Scott Schoberg and Molly Elizabeth Eagleson

•Shaun Michael Flotow and Jacqueline Daniell Richmann

•Cesar O. Mateos and Varla F. Villagomez

•Cole Aaron Miller and Britney Nicole Hiler

•Kenneth A. Lahrman and Frances J. Boly

•Shane D. Hedges and Stefanie N. Davis

•Scott I. Elliott and Carolyn M. Arnold

•Thomas L. Tucker and Carol M. Dickson

•Kool E. McCall and Elizabeth A. Skiba

•Alexander James Beasley and Lauren Arden Walborn

•Calvin Jay McCormick and Melissa Jo Childers

•James F. Watson and Pamela S. Lee

•Daniel Patrick Sebro Dyar and Audrey Leanne Bruman

•Salomon Martinez and Maria Yera Garcia

•Bobby D. Oglesby and Erica M. Reyes

•Gabriel Aguirre and Emma Aguirre Amancha

•Ryan L. Demien and Megan Renee Demien

•Justin A. Valenti and Amanda L. Pruente

•Michael Paul Saucier and Michelle Denise Knight

•Jarrett G. Grube and Alyssa Lin Amburgey

•Scott Louis Miller and Sara Rose Shappell

•William C. Tindall III and Natalie R. Brandenburger

•Kellen W. Watkins and Lee Ann Riecke

•Fredrick Alan Stevens and Savannah Fae Ann Cole

•Omar Rodriguez and Gabriela C. Arevalo

•Evert Jonatan Alvarado and Shenata S. Bowling

•Deangelo Anthony D. Porter and Kari May Redwing

•Joshua A. Harding and Heather C. Orrison

•John Y. Scheverell and Tracey P. Walker

•Ruben Lorenzo Barrios and Sonia Maribel Castaellanos

•Jeffrey Allen Hiner and Linda Ann Creger

•Ronald T. McDonald and Judy Lynn Oldfield

•David L. Crooks and Laura R. Williams

•Ambrose Roberto English and Ashley Nicole Gamez

•Shane Lee Mosier and Erin Marie Arms

•Jose A. Vargas Jr. and Kelly A. Benson

•Daniel Izquierdo-Munoz and Jasmine Navarro

•Keith L. Caswell and Denise Melz Saffen-Caswell

•Alvizures Elmer De Equite and Sandra Patricia Mari Prado

•Kristopher F. Pulver and Kayla M. Williams

•Juan Francisco Gonzalez and Zulma Rocha

•Caleb David Deaton and Na Tsumi Imai

•Justin F. Hill and Erin Rachelle Berzley

•Odie Lionel Sanders and Lakeicia D. Allen

•Tison C. Weakley and Joemisha S. Starks

•Cody A. Vazauez and Jessica J. Forbing

•Seth James Kuckkuck and Tiara Nicole Noey

•Nichyolas T. Webster and Carissa June Bahls

•Shane Anthony Thomas and Denikayira Sade Taylor

•Joeph M. Franklin and Jessica L. Mapes

•Matthew Brian Bontrager and Kalyssa Mae Yoder

•Cambrin M. Lamb and Janeesha Tanae Jackson

•Jeffrey L. Handlin and Kari Katrina Kopel

•David Allen Fredy and Fengxian Li

•David P. Devine and Panicha Aranyawad

•Jeffrey C. Boisture and Jessica A. Johnson

•Matthew Phillip Elonzae and Matilda M. Mendoza

•James Donald Bla Sabatino and Angela Sue Ribersal

•Jay A. McClung and Brooke Elizabeth Morlan

•Brian Chapin and Junke Chen

•Austin Bruce Edwards and Danielle Charai Baker

•Jeffery R. Harney and Octavia Denise Pittman

•Adam J. Sumwalt and Nikolette Koryn Dejong

•Wort Chapman and Laura A. Davis

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.