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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. If you can take away one type of gun, you can take away another type, and then you can take away all the guns. … And if you can destroy one amendment (the 2nd), you can destroy all the amendments. Stand and fight.

The word assault is a verb, not an adjective. What you libs call an assault weapon is also a defense weapon; used to defend our liberty and our lives.

To the ranter who questioned Notre Dame's “patsy” schedule: Alabama will face traditional powers Georgia State, Kentucky and Chattanooga next year. Talent trumps strength of schedule.

Having served two tours (in the military), I have seen grown men shake so hard under fire that they could not hit anything they were aiming at. How do you expect teachers who have only shot targets, but have not been shot at, to perform under fire. Be careful with what you are asking them to do.

If you ban guns, then only criminals will have guns. I would feel much safer, not!

Jan. 25 letters to the editor regarding guns: You must be listening to the Republican propaganda on Fox News! No one is going to take your guns! Second Amendment. But we do need to ban assault weapons and magazines. Those poor babies in Newtown were slaughtered! The killings have to stop!

Same-sex anything is wrong. Read your Bible!

The message of the cross is what this country so desperately needs.

Voting in government elections is a right and privilege of all American citizens, not to be abused by illegal immigrants. Proper identification must be required.

A Roanoke man was arrested for stabbing to death three goats; he was then allowed to post bond out of jail. Shouldn't bond be limited to people who are no danger to the community? … At least keep this … (person) in jail until his trial, and don't let him plead down, this person should never have access to weapons once he gets out of prison.

“Long live the Queen.” Wait a minute. I believe our patriot forefathers had equal assault rifles to the ruling English, so it is, “Hail to the Chief.” Whew.

It's a shame Michigan State coach (Tom) Izzo said IU player Victor Oladipo was the Ray Lewis of college basketball. Victor is a great kid with a huge heart. Ray Lewis is a murderer who should be in jail. Bad choice of words.

If … news media insist on using the term “assault” rifle, please use it with the correct description “fully automatic” or “machine gun!”

I called the IRS for an answer. Called three times — got three different answers. Go figure — they sure can't.

If you have a food bag from … (a fast-food restaurant), please do not throw it in the yard of someone on St. Joe Center Road! That is against the law and darn trashy and stupid of you.

Fort Wayne Community Schools has a dress code; however, cheerleaders' skirts (too short) violate the dress code policy when worn during school hours. Any other student would be told they were violating the dress code policy and asked to change. The finger tip policy should be in place for “all.”

As part of a monthly dining group of professional Latinas for the past 11 years, on Jan. 24 it was … (at a local restaurant). Delicious food. After our dessert and a not-so-nice overall service from our waitress, we were asked to leave because we had been there for two hours. First time for everything!

Hey, Geico Insurance, stick to the lizard. The pig ads would get me to leave your company.

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