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In his words: Garrett girl's basketball coach Bob Lapadot

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Railroader coach wary of next opponent

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 8:31 am

Garrett girl's basketball coach Bob Lapadot spoke with The News-Sentinel following the Railroaders' effort against Woodlan in Tuesday's IHSAA Class 3A girl's basketball sectional win.

On Taylor Smith's impact:

She has changed our season. In 18 years we may have had one of those, a true center to just pound (the ball) in there and let her go to work. It is exciting for our future, that's for sure.

On the defensive strategy:

(Woodlan guard) Lauren Ehle is a great player. You have to help on her and that freed (Haley Hostetler) up, but when you can hold the other two down, (Brooke Gerbers) and Ehle, somebody's going to score.

More on defending Woodlan:

We knew we could help on Ehle if we didn't let her catch and get a three off. By running the triangle-and-two, we were face guarding her, were always by her when she caught (the ball) and adjusted our help to keep her from the drives.

On taking on Angola on Friday:

I respect those guards a bunch, (Rachel and Ericka Rinehart) are very good. We just have to hold them down defensively. That was the key in our first game (against Angola), handle the ball and give ourselves chances to score.