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In her words: South Side girl's basketball coach Juanita Goodwell

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Coach wanted her team to 'stay fighting'

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - 12:11 am

South Side girl's basketball coach Juanita Goodwell spoke with The News-Sentinel following the Archers' dramatic IHSAA Class 4A Sectional victory over Homestead.

On the critical foul and free throws for South Side's Lakyn Gulley with 2.5 seconds left:

“Oh my gosh, you know, I was just shocked, number one because I didn't see it. I'm glad somebody else did, but as soon as it happened, I know Gulley is a clean shooter. That's what she does well, so I was happy that it was her on the line.”

On beating Homestead after losing to them in the regular season:

“It doesn't mean much. All it means to me is these are two good programs. They compete and the fact that they are so young. We're talented (but) we got some work to do because they will be ready next year.”

On the early lead:

“We were getting the ball inside early, that was key for us tonight, and then you know, being able to hit that three, that three at the (end of) the first quarter by Dejoyah, hitting that three, that was just one of those tone setters right there. A great shot.”

On responding to Homestead's comeback:

“You know all we wanted to do was hold onto that 10-point lead, and we didn't get that done, but I just wanted my girls to stay fighting, stay fighting through it. They (Homestead) hit some threes, that's what they are good for. They worked those screens right. You know, we made some adjustments, tried to stay with it, take it to the basket and the glass. The fact that (my players) hung on, I'm just very proud of them right now.”

On her team’s mental toughness:

“It says a lot, (this game) says a lot. That’s one thing we’ve had to work on with the girls is keeping their mental toughness all season long, and the fact that they stayed the course and they stayed in it, I can’t be more proud. That’s good work for us. (Now we have) to be ready to go next week.”