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Saturday January 31, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through Feb. 10

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 9:00 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 10.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah N. Wilson to Debra A. Wilson.

•Aaron D. Cox to Gina L. Lyons and Alex E. Cox.

•Addisyn N. Manz to Kimberly N. and Michael J. Manz.

•Adrianna D. Sturdivant to Amanda R. and Brandon A. Sturdivant.

•Ahmirre A. Smith to Davinia C. Dunn and Ronnie E. Smith Jr.

•Aiden E. Richards to Maggie L. Brown and Chase A. Richards.

•Alanna M. Eldridge to Tazcia A. Eldridge.

•Alexander Lahpoe to Paw Lah an Gway Poe.

•Alexander W. Skevington to Emily R. Gorney and Todd R. Skevington.

•Alexandria M. Phan to Amy J. and Charlie V. Phan.

•Alicia L. Whitten to Marquisha N. Whitten.

•Anderson R. Dulcet to Ellen M. Dulcet and Marcus A. Garcia.

•Anneliese M. Pawlowski to Kimberly N. and Alexander Pawlowski.

•Anthony J. Duncan to Sandee T. Duncan.

•Antonio R. Morales Jr. to Taylor J. Talley and Antonio R. Morales.

•Anyla L. Person to Alexus L. Royal and Daniel L. Person.

•Ausli G. Moser to Serena R. Abouhalkah and Michael G. Moser.

•Austin D. Waikel-Lara to Whitney B. Lara and Derik W. Waikel.

•Austin J. Wysong to Andrea L. and Jonathon W. Wysong.

•Ava B. Perkins to Rebecca H. and Ryan M. Perkins.

•Avery J. Slane to Jamie M. and Donald A. Slane Jr.

•Aydre R. Arguelles to Jailynn D. Barton and Steven D. Arguelles.

•Bentlee P. McKenzie to Mercedies E. McKenzie.

•Blake L. Shelton to Carissa N. Tinney and Brent L. Shelton.

•Brady P. Newhard to Erica N. and Thomas S. Newhard.

•Braxton M. Dager to Natalie T. and Nicholas J. Dager.

•Briar M. Fahl to Lori J. Bivens and Eugene R. Fahl.

•Brook L. Bowen to Sarah L. and Nathanael D. Bowen.

•Callary U. Thomas to Meagan L. Morgan and Quiante D. Thomas.

•Camden G. Barnes to Heather R. and Philip W. Barnes.

•Cameron K. Jones to Mary L. Jones.

•Cannon M. Connolly to Jessica A. and Nicholas S. Connolly.

•Charles T. Henry to Kathryn M. and Charles P. Henry.

•Chelsea N. Coy to Marley C. Coy.

•Chloe M. Boen and Jackson D. Boen to Stephanie A. and Ian D. Boen.

•Christian A. Logan to Leslie A. Logan.

•Christian J. Springer to Megan A. Snyder and Luke A. Springer.

•Christopher M. Vazquez to Maria D. Paniagua and Juan C. Vazquez Salazar.

•Christopher Taw to Moo R. Joy and Ehkar L. Shwe.

•Colin J. Castle to Michelle A. and Nicholas J. Castle.

•Connor J. Denchik to Heather L. and Andrew M. Denchik.

•Connor J. Slane to Jamie M. and Donald A. Slane Jr.

•Cooper H. Middleton to Charity L. and Seth T. Middleton.

•Corey C. Kruse to Hillary S. Donaldson and Corey E. Kruse.

•Da Monie J. Potts to Christen N. Potts.

•Daiahna N. Beasley to Valencia J. Beasley.

•Dawson S. Birkey to Candace D. and Ryan D. Birkey.

•Declan M. Moloney to Tara M. and Brian S. Moloney.

•Demetrius D. Merritt to Lataria E. Merritt.

•Demitrious D. Watkins to Kathy L. Watkins.

•Dominiqua D. Floyd to Lakeshia N. Hobbs and Domnick D. Floyd.

•Elijah W. Oshee to Jessica N. Lessing and William S. Oshee IV.

•Elliot J. Degitz to Megan A. and Joseph W. Degitz.

•Elliott J. Evans to Jennifer A. Bolyard and Ethan M. Evans.

•Elliott O. Valenzuela to Josalein R. Valenzuela.

•Emersan B. Slater to Traci J. and Justin S. Slater.

•Emily M. Palmer to Karah A. and David D. Palmer.

•Ethan E. Albany to Carmen G. and Ryan E. Albany.

•Etta J. Sauers to Danielle N. and Michael C. Sauers.

•Evan A. Gemmer to Lori L. and Andrew T. Gemmer.

•Evelyn A. Hunter to Brittiany A. Hunter.

•Evelyn V. Cortez to Sarah Cortez.

•Fernanda Hernandez to Nancy and Luis F. Hernandez.

•Forrest S. Bower to Malina Sanfilippo and Forrest A. Bower.

•Fraser A. Burgess to April A. and Richard W. Burgess.

•Gabriel N. White to Tikisha R. Stewart and Eugene D. White.

•Gavin M. Foster to Amy L. and Matthew A. Foster.

•Gavin S. Campbell to Ashley L. and Douglas W. Campbell.

•Giselle M. Lopez to Maria G. Lopez and Omar Magana Pizano.

•Hailey K. Ford to Christina K. and Nicholas R. Ford.

•Hayleigh E. Brennan to Amanda M. and Jason A. Brennan.

•Henry M. Parks to Kristin F. and Shannon L. Parks.

•Henry W. Aung to Thida Win and Saw Aung.

•Hope E. Knuth to Kimberly R. and Phillip M. Knuth.

•Hsernaykeelar Wah to Paw L. Wah.

•Hudson P. Griggs to Aimee M. and Chad W. Griggs.

•Illiana F. Talic to Marijana Talic.

•Isabella J. Guzman to Elizabeth Tamayo-Lopez and Juan O. Guzman.

•J Cion M. Simmons to Jalissa M. Simmons.

•Ja Quell M. Ganaway-Woods to Tearia D. Woods and Ja Quan M. Ganaway.

•Jack A. Strasser to Nicole S. and Andrew D. Strasser.

•Jakai A. Sullivan to Kiashia L. Sullivan.

•Jaleah T. Church to Olivia L. Lawrence and Tywan D. Church.

•Jalen T. Kimbrough to Lindy M. and Antoine M. Kimbrough.

•Jaliya G. Bennett to Artisha and John M. Bennett Jr.

•James D. Tritch to Margaret M. McEntee and Tanner L. Tritch.

•James L. McCall Jr. to Laquaya L. Mitchell and James L. McCall.

•James R. Field IV to Joellyn S. Field.

•Jasmine T. Kight to Larhonda E. Kight.

•Javionte T. Stewart to Checole J. Stewart.

•Jaxon M. Schmitz to Amanda L. and Jeffery M. Schmitz.

•Jayda L. Byndom-Worley to Natasha M. Plott and Charles R. Byndom-Worley.

•Jayhon J. Conway to Tiahna S. London and Jaquan J. Conway.

•Jaylia J. Rogers to Tabatha M. Weileman and Amin R. Rogers.

•Jeremaih Z. Nash to Ollicia J. England and Gregory Nash.

•Josiah A. Banks to Heather M. Jolliff and Roger A. Banks II.

•Juliana M. Burke to Kimberly A. and Joseph A. Burke V.

•June M. Tuck to Danielle A. and Joshua A. Tuck.

•Katelyn N. Moore to Nichole J. and David K. Moore.

•Kendall R. Bramley to Tia N. Bramley.

•Kensley K. Deckerd to Mallory J. Shelton and Kyle A. Deckard.

•Kevin D. Marron to Viviana and Ruperto Diaz.

•Keylona R. Liddell to Jovee V. and Ken M. Liddell.

•Khloe K. Wetoskey to Tandra D. and Adam W. Wetoskey.

•Khloe S. Brockway to Amanda R. Lee and Paul F. Brockway.

•Khnylah D. Jackson to Alisha N. McKnight and Darryl A. Jackson.

•Kyeton M. Chavez to Stephanie M. and Christopher M. Chavez.

•Leahmarie S. Gray to Impress S. Rowan-Armstead and Antwaine L. Gray.

•Lelly O. Vrchota to Corin E. and Jesse D. Vrchota.

•Lena R. Olds to Kayla P. Olds.

•Liam J. Hug to Whitney L. and Adam J. Hug.

•Lily A. Hernandez to Amber D. and Jose M. Hernandez.

•Londynn M. Howell to Nikkole M. Anthony and Glenn A. Howell Jr.

•Louis E. Serrani to Janice L. and Francis M. Serrani.

•Lucenzo M. Diaz to Ruth M. Perez and Jose M. Diaz Jr.

•Madelyn K. Brown to Tiffany M. and Scott D. Brown.

•Madelyn R. Gilliland to Amanda L. and Matthew E. Gilliland.

•Malayah S. Williams to Monique L. Williams.

•Marshawn A. Stephenson to Ashely R. Stephenson.

•Max H. Watson to Kathryn J. and Christopher G. Watson.

•Melody A. Moore to Victoria A. Hardy and Melvin M. Moore.

•Michael A. Eagans to Shaquayia N. Martin and Michael L. Eagans.

•Michael D. Brannaka to Emily J. Lowe and Michael S. Brannaka.

•Miles J. Miller to Kendra L. and Jeff R. Miller.

•Naida H. Bonilla to Olfa C. Hernandez and Junior Bonilla.

•Neilah D. Price to Annistatia M. Hill and Christian T. Cansler.

•Nevaeh R. Allen to Adrianna R. Merriweather and Dytrell T. Allen.

•Nikolai W. Hull to Kasara E. and Brian L. Hull.

•Noah C. Byrd to Shawnee L. Jones-Byrd and Clyde S. Byrd Jr.

•Olivia N. Diaz to Diane Rodriguez Baena and Renee Diaz Calderon.

•Payton J. Hein to Breanne N. Hein.

•Preston D. Cesaretti to Caitlyn D. Meyers and Nicholas N. Cesaretti.

•Radford M. Schott to Brittany M. and Michael J. Schott.

•Raegan C. Knight to Taylor N. Baker and Robert L. Knight Jr.

•Rayna L. Wise to Shannon V. Knittig and James A. Wise Sr.

•Rebekah E. Green to Sarah M. and Michael D. Green Jr.

•Reid A. Denchik to Heather L. and Andrew M. Denchik.

•Reid E. Chester to Jessica R. and Dale P. Chester.

•Ricardo Macias to Azucena J. Macias.

•Richard E. Ambrocio to Yessenia Ambrocio and Gilmer S. Reyes Guerra.

•Riley A. Howell to Erica C. and Charles A. Howell.

•Rocio Agudo to Brisa G. Vera-Santamaria and Jonathan G. Agudo.

•Roman A. Imel to Christyann M. McNutt and Colin M. Imel.

•Ronald N. Roberts IV to Lynnelee N. and Ronald N. Roberts III.

•Rory D. Schott to Brittany M. and Michael J. Schott.

•Rylan J. Soulier to Sarah J. and Nicolas A. Soulier.

•Samantha M. Reed to Alissa J. and Michael D. Reed.

•Sawyer R. Ruich to Courtney N. Heiser and Austen R. Ruich.

•Sean-David D. Weemes to Janorie L. Weemes.

•Selena Nguyen to Jenny T. Nguyen.

•Shontay A. Merriweather to Shontay S. Shaw and Gabriel A. Merriweather.

•Silas D. Aldridge to Stephanie M. and John D. Aldridge.

•Skiler L. Coil to Brittany R. Coil.

•Starrlynn R. Horrigan to Keirsten N. Horrigan.

•Stella P. McHenry to Jamie L. and Andrew W. McHenry.

•Stephanie Ochoa to Minerva Granados and Alejandro Ochoa.

•Sydney G. Evans to Haley A. Lawrence Evans and Richard W. Evans.

•Tali J. Bewley to Jamie D. Briggs and Jack L. Bewley.

•Tessa K. Loeffler to Lisa K. and Ross M. Loeffler.

•Trevor M. Jones to Cassondra S. and Joshua W. Jones.

•Tristan L. Stoney to Amber L. and Derek G. Stoney.

•Tyler R. Dierckman to Christie L. and Scott M. Dierckman.

•Ulises A. Hernandez to Kassie L. Nickolson and Eriberto Hernandez.

•Va Seon L. Hill to Remy L. Hill.

•Xzavier D. Moore to Armani D. Moore.

•Yahya A. Palwala to Ruqayyah A. Ahmed and Zyshan Y. Palwala.

•Yuliana A. Gonzalez to Tania J. Gonzalez.

•Za Lain D. Cuffy to Amber A. Acosta and Domonique H. Cuffy.

•Zackery D. Burt to Shamya L. Burt.

•Zane T. Wolfe to Jeannette A. and Ryan T. Wolfe.

•Zaxxon J. Hartman to Courtney L. and John D. Hartman.

•Zimmi Luddin to Ma Ra Y. Be and Tun T. Oo.