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Letter to the editor: Long is wrong

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 12:01 am

Dear Sen. Long:

You openly admit that as leader of the Indiana Senate, you are in fact “holding up” SB 230 (nullification of Obamacare). You are thereby effectively denying your colleagues and the people of Indiana opportunity to give it the full, fair and sober debate that it deserves. Deny all you wish that by doing so you are choosing to “side with Obama” and “support Obamacare.” But actions speak louder than words, sir, and ultimately, voters will draw their own conclusions.

You say SB 230’s “fatal problem” is that it’s unconstitutional because the high court upheld Obamacare. But many — including Jefferson and Madison — would argue that you are dead wrong in that assessment. I wonder just how flagrant a violation of the Constitution the (Supreme Court) would have to “dubiously” sanction before you would reconsider your commitment to a posture of anticipatory capitulation on the prospect of nullification. Is there any scenario under which you wouldn’t simply acquiesce to the opinion of a mere handful of high justices? Are they infallible?

Grave discussion on exercising the principles of federalism as a valid, formidable, remaining check against the persistent overreach of the central government has never been more imperative. Hoosiers: Nullify now.

Aaron Williford