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Thompson Square husband-wife duo complement each other in life, on stage

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 5:31 pm

It may be the day after Valentine's Day, but is there anything sweeter than husband-and-wife duo Thompson Square — Keifer and Shawna Thompson — in their video singing “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?”

The country duo, which won the Country Music Association 2012 award for Vocal Duo of the Year, are playing for the first time on tour in the “middle slot,” performing before Luke Bryan in the “Dirt Road Diaries Tour” here Thursday.

And yes, they really are as enamored of each other as it appears on the video. Asked how they make their marriage work when they're together all the time, Keifer Thompson said, “It works for us. We're really close in all sorts of different ways. We just like each other's company all the time.”

He said they tried working apart for a while but just weren't happy.

Shawna grew up in Alabama; Keifer grew up in Oklahoma. They each moved to Nashville within the same week and met at a singing competition. After pursuing solo careers for a while, they decided to form a duo.

Keifer, speaking on the phone from Nashville, said they each bring something to their music, with Shawna being “a great idea person.”

He says when they put it all together, it “has a special sound to it. … I just think we really complement each other in life and on the stage.”

Thompson Square has a new album, “Just Feels Good,” coming out March 26. The single “If I Didn't Have You” already has been released and is ranked No. 15 on this week's Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Keifer said the new album is an “accurate reflection of who Shawna and I are.” He described it as a “stroll through the journey of where we started and where we ended up.”

The duo wrote about half of the songs on the album. He said they're very proud of it, and they think their fans are going to love it.

Meanwhile they're having a “blast” on tour with Bryan. He says the next step for Thompson Square will be headlining — “that's where we all want to end up.”

As for the future, “We're gonna keep on doing what we're doing.”

Will these 30-somethings have kids?

“I don't know whether we'll ever do kids or not,” Keifer said, adding they're “just now getting to see our dream happen.”