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In his words: Butler men's basketball coach Brad Stevens

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Bulldog coach sets goal of competing with nation's best as cornerstone

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 12:27 am

INDIANAPOLIS - Butler University men's basketball coach Brad Stevens spoke with the media on Monday at Hinkle Fieldhouse regarding a number of topics:

On his philosophy in building a program:

“I know this; we have to build our team with the idea of 'How do we compete against the best in the country?' And then you have to go from there. I think we can play the way that we play and compete against teams. But the bottom line is, every game is going to be hard for us, because our margin for error is not what some of the top five teams in the country's is.”

On making defensive adjustments:

“I think that our defense is getting better, but it's going to be challenged in unique ways every time that we play. The biggest difference between (Charlotte and Fordham) is that you have power teams that maybe don't shoot it as well. Now (with Duquesne) you have a team that really shoots it well, that bases its performance on the speed of its guards being able to spread you out and get it inside your defense if you overextend.”

On how Butler has fared through the A-10:

“What I'm excited about is that we've played well against every style at one time or another. So we have a reference point. But it doesn't guarantee anything in your next game. We're at the point in the year that you can start to reference things that you've done in the past as teaching points and getting ready for future games.”

On Rotnei Clarke's offense:

“He's got a floater game. He's not ever going to be a guy that gets a lot of points at the rim. He's just not big enough. That's not his game. He's going to get them from floaters. He's going to get them from shots. He'll get to the rim occasionally, but most of his shots will be creative.”

On the defense played by Kellen Dunham:

"I thought Kellen played one of his better defensive games (against Fordham). The first thing that everyone would look at is how Kellen shot it (2-8, 2-7 from 3-point range). I didn't even realize that Kellen was up all night and sick. He didn't tell anybody until we got back. That is just the kind of guy that he is. He didn't want to tell anybody and have us not play him.”

On margin of victories:

"I don't get too caught up in margins. At the end of the day, it's just hard to win."