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Monday, September 25, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. We hear so much about global warming, now called climate change. It explains any change in temperature or weather that some people say never occurred on Earth before. It wasn't long ago that every person on Earth cooked, kept warm and got light from burning wood, coal or oil. Talk about pollution. But it's only now we have a problem?

Panhandling is someone who asks for $100,000 to move an old statue … .

When asked why I really need an assault rifle or a large clip, I can always borrow Hillary Clinton's famous Benghazi disclaimer, “What difference (at this point) does it make?”

I own the $400,000 home. I did not write a check to the county. I gave 1 percent to a charity. Your tax bill pays for police, fire, schools and libraries. Taxes pay for everything that you take for granted. As the Jamaicans say, “Turn that frown upside down.”

It amazes me how self-important people are now. They feel everything, such as climate change, must be real and solved in their lifetime. Our short life spans are nothing in the scheme of things, and people must realize all the problems of civilization won't be solved immediately.

Why can't I marry whatever makes me happy. I love my dog and millions of others love theirs. Reproduction ability doesn't matter anymore, so I want my rights and I want to call it marriage.

Maybe religious organizations should start their own scouting program since gays are trying to hijack the Boy Scouts. They can sue to take the Boy Scouts of America name with them. Or maybe the Boy Scouts can simplify the whole matter by standing up for their “outdated values” and let gays start a similar program.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger shares responsibility for “whitewashing” child sexual abuse in his years prior to becoming Pope (Benedict XVI).

Someone please explain to me what the logical difference is between selling alcoholic beverages as carryout liquor on Sunday and selling alcoholic beverages as carryout liquor Monday through Saturday? Does that mean Monday through Saturday you are losing money?

The only other time in America's history that the gap between the owners and the everyday workers pay has been this big was in the early 1900s. Then came the unions and everyone got a piece of the pie. Now the unions are going and that gap is back. Wouldn't you like some pie?

If every worker in America who makes less than $50,000 per year would pick the same three days and call in sick, the politicians would realize who does the real work in America. No teachers, nurses, laborers, factory workers. No mass transit, no regional pilots. Maybe then they would get a clue.

For me to have four headlights, I have to turn on my brights. If you are coming at me with four headlights, and my brights come on, oops.

You right-wing gun nuts never cease to amaze me. You want to protect your family. Fine. But as you read this and stuff your family with a bucket of fried chicken, big double hamburgers and a quart of ice cream, you are already killing them. Don't forget the 32-ounce soda.

The state Legislature wants to put the right to hunt and fish, which we all do already, into the state constitution. They might want to put the right to elect dumb politicians because we do that all of the time, too. How about something meaningful from Indianapolis?

97-60 (Indiana over Purdue). (Purdue men's basketball coach) Matt Painter is the second coming of (former Notre Dame football coach) Charlie Weiss.

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