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City Council approves purchase of new police cars

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 6:32 am

Fort Wayne City Council on Tuesday approved nearly $2 million to buy 91 new city vehicles, a purchase that will give the police department new cars for the first time in two years.

Council members unanimously approved the purchase, which includes 70 new police cars after the department went all of 2012 without new cars. The new vehicles were part of the 2013 city budget approved last fall.

Larry Campbell, the city's fleet director, said city officials hope to start planning vehicle purchases later in each department's capital improvement plan, or CIP, to avoid widely fluctuating needs from year to year.

Campbell said, "Some years we'd buy 40 vehicles, and the next year it would be 140. As we plan CIPs for five years, we're not going to see big spikes. We're trying to keep a straight line."

Campbell said 2012 was the first year in at least a decade that Fort Wayne Police went without new cars.

Of this year's total $1.99 million purchase, more than $1.7 million will go toward the police and fire departments, according to a city memo. The rest would go toward City Utilities and the public works division.