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Letter to the editor: A ride with TRAA is too costly

Friday, February 22, 2013 - 12:01 am

First of all I think the EMTs and the people who man the ambulances are wonderful heroes. Having said that, I want you to know that my beef is not with these special individuals.

I think the citizens of Fort Wayne should be aware that sending in your $59 a year that does not help you much. Several years ago my mother was taken to the hospital with a heart attack. She died the next morning. Even though she had the $59 membership, I still had to pay over $3,000 for that run.

I also was taken to the hospital by TRAA. I also had the $59 membership. My bill was over $2,000. They allowed me to make payments, assuring me that I would never have to pay interest. This year in November or December I was taken to the hospital. I received my bill, and guess what? I was charged interest. Really,

interest on an ambulance bill? Even though I have never missed a payment.

What I don’t understand is that for many years the Fort Wayne Police manned the ambulances and did an excellent job. Never was there a charge. So why is the ambulance service of TRAA charging so much, and why are they allowed to charge interest?

I think it is a shame to do this to us poor old people who need help. I understand it is necessary to pay people who man the station and do the job. But the police did it for free.

Do you think it’s time to rethink giving TRAA the contract and think about the Fort Wayne Police who are already on the street?

Sharon Rorick

New Haven