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In his words: Komets center J.M. Rizk

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 12:44 am

Komets center J.M. Rizk scored the game-winning goal in overtime Wednesday night to end a long scoring slump and give the Komets a 5-4 win over Toledo.

What happened on the game-winning goal?

We went down 3-on-2 there, and Milam made a great play in the D-zone to get it out, and then there was a quick give-and-go to him and Firman and that opened me up. When Firman gave it to me, all I thought about was getting it on net because I don't think I'd had a shot on net yet. I shot it and it went in. I actually fanned on it. I was trying to go high and it went low glove and hit the post and went in.

How does it feel since you've been struggling so much?

It feels good. We knew it was going to turn around at some point for our line. It was just a matter of working harder to turn those bounces our way.

When linemate Matt Firman hit the post right before that, what were you thinking?

It hit my glove and then it hit the post. I could hear Deslauriers in the back telling me `Move, move!'' so I tried to move out of the way, and it hit my glove and hit the bar. I was praying it went in and I was listening for the fans to let me know if it went in or not.

What do you think of Colin Chaulk's 1,000th career point?

He's by far the best player I've ever played with, the smartest guy, too. He's such a consistent player. We're so lucky to have him here and it's so great to have him in the lineup.