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In his words: Homestead coach Chris Johnson talks on Spartan victory

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Coach is 'fortunate' to have key senior

Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 9:18 am

Homestead High School boy's basketball coach Chris Johnson spoke with The News-Sentinel following his team's dramatic win over Jay County in the IHSAA Class 4A Sectional at Huntington North on Friday.

On Nick Gamble's last shot:

“I thought for sure would go to the basket, but there's something about him and those heroic threes that he likes to do, so you know, I can't complain because he did that as a sophomore, he beat Carroll on a last second shot and Columbia City this year and Jay County.”

On Gamble as a player:

“Nick Gamble has made me into a pretty good coach over the last three years. Very fortunate we have a kid like Nick and again, could say that with a lot of our kids here. They listen, they play hard; I'm very proud of being a Homestead Spartan in the standpoint of the kids battled tonight."

On the changes offensively from the first half to the second half:

“In the second quarter, we weren't able to get the ball in the middle. We made that quick adjustment off the switch, we would bring in Nick Gamble back in the middle and rolling him back and that seemed to help for a few times to get them out of rhythm and get them thinking. It looked like, in my opinion, is that all of the sudden they got out of their switching stuff which is good for us.”

On getting the ball inside:

“That's what we were trying to do. I mean, we wanted to make sure we got it in and at least got an inside-out rather than the first half it seemed like we were all outside oriented, and we weren't getting anything on the inside.”

On playing to Jay County’s slower pace:

“I don’t know if we fell into it because I remember when these kids were sophomores, meaning Jay County, and we played them two years ago because we thought we could speed them up and that’s what we tried to do, and I think the only thing that did was wear us out. So, I said to myself if we ever play them again we have to play a half court game, you’re going to have to defend, it’s going to be a tough 32 minutes on both ends and we’ll just see what happens.”